'American Idol' Coming to ABC -- But Will Ryan Seacrest Host?
'American Idol' Coming to ABC -- But Will Ryan Seacrest Host?
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
It's official, American Idol has a new home. The reality competition series is following Ryan Seacrest to his new network TV home at ABC. Less than a week after Seacrest was named Kelly Ripa's new co-host on Live, it has been announced that American Idol will be revived by ABC sometime in the 2017-2018 TV season. Though the timing is maybe a little more than fortuitous, ABC (and Seacrest) are not showing all their cards about who from the original series might be involved, if anyone.

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TVLine reported the news with a statement from Ben Sherwood, the co-chairman of Disney Media Networks and president of Disney / ABC. Sherwood said, "American Idol on ABC ... that has a nice ring to it. Idol is an entertainment icon, and now it will air where it belongs, in ABC's lineup of addictive fan favorites alongside Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor. America, get ready for the return of a bigger, bolder and better-than-ever Idol."

ABC has reason to be happy about the American Idol acquisition other than it joining their other reality TV juggernauts. If American Idol maintains the ratings it received on FOX, it could be one of ABC's highest-rated shows. The worst-rated seasons of American Idol would rank second on ABC, behind (depending on the measurement) The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars

Sherwood's statement also paves the way for a very different American Idol with the revival. Reportedly an all-new cast of judges is being considered. It is very unlikely anyone who served on American Idol's panel in the last season on FOX will make the jump to ABC. The show is also rumored to air on Sunday nights which is a big departure from when it aired on FOX.  

The other big rumor is that Ryan Seacrest will be the constant between the two versions. ABC is looking to have Seacrest reprise his role as host, pulling double duty in the morning on Live with Kelly and Ryan and at night on American Idol. Ryan discussed the revival with his new co-host and American Idol superfan Kelly Ripa on their show (video is embedded below.) The way Seacrest danced around returning is almost as good as a solid confirmation. 

After admitting that he found out the news the same as anyone else, Seacrest said he made some calls and found out the rumors were true. "They said, 'Yeah it may actually come here,'" Seacrest said recounting the phone call. "And I said, 'Well that's kind of good to know since I work here!' You know?" Ryan skirted confirming anything more solid, remarking that he doesn't know if he could do it with his new hosting duties on Live with Kelly and Ryan. Ripa, though, was adamant about doing anything she can to help Seacrest return to the series.

So what do you think? Are you happy that American Idol is coming back? Should Ryan Seacrest continue as host or should it be all brand new? Will you watch the revival? Is ABC the right home for the series?

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