EXCLUSIVE: 'Big Brother' Alum Nick Uhas Talks Returning to TV for 'America's Got Talent'
EXCLUSIVE: 'Big Brother' Alum Nick Uhas Talks Returning to TV for 'America's Got Talent'
Char  Little
Char Little
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A familiar face graced the coveted America's Got Talent stage on the latest episode of the NBC series. Fans might have recognized Nick Uhas, formerly of Big Brother 15, showcasing his unique talent on the second episode of season 12.

Buddy TV spoke with Uhas about his experience on the series and of course what talent he wanted to show off for the celebrity judges, Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell.

If you've been keeping up with Uhas, you know that he's really into science. And that's what he wanted the judges to see in the experiment that he performed for them. He had them breathe into balloons and instead of helium to make their voices higher, it was a different type of gas that caused their speaking voices to be much lower than normal.

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"The deep voice guy is a great one because not many people know about it and it always gets a good reaction," Uhas said. "That's the key for the science experiment. You want the user, the judge or host or whoever to experience science for the first time. The moment of something exploding or their voice changing, whatever it may be. That reaction is the key to things going well."

It certainly went well for Uhas, who has also performed the experiment on Today in Australia and on NBC in America. After the fun balloon experiment, Mel B and Howie volunteered to be a part of his next one. Let's just say his next two experiments were much messier and it looked like he blew up Howie.

Even though he's an expert, he revealed he was really nervous of how the judges might respond.

"I've done these experiments multiple times ... When it came to choosing which ones to do for America's Got Talent, I thought to go with my strongest ones first. The experience was so different because typically when I do science experiments, I do it as a guest on a TV show or a video shoot. I'm never being judged. It's a party. This was so different because you're actually being judged from the people you're participating with. For that reason, the pressure to do it right was so intense."

While the judges were amazed with his abilities, he confessed who he really liked the best.

"Tyra was my favorite," he said. "Because she's actually not a judge. She's the only one that's on your team. Everyone else is there to judge you. She provides that 'I'm your friend and we're going to do this together' [environment]. I ran to her like she was my mother after every performance asking, 'How was that?!'"

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As for how he went from a reality star to a science star, Uhas said science has always been his first love.

"I always had this love for science. As soon as I left 'Big Brother' I started my own YouTube channel. It was really interesting because I have a biology degree. I was going to go to school for medicine so I was very invested in everything science. I ended up, instead of using that for a medical degree, applying all of that information to my YouTube channel. It's a science experiment-based channel so we really do really interesting and explosive type science experiments."

What do you think about Nick Uhas being a scientist? Were you a fan of him on Big Brother?

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