4 Possible Explanations for Colin Donnell's Return to 'Arrow'
4 Possible Explanations for Colin Donnell's Return to 'Arrow'
Meredith Jacobs
Meredith Jacobs
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Colin Donnell's Tommy Merlyn died in the season 1 finale of Arrow, but that hasn't kept him from appearing multiple times since -- and he'll be back for the second time in season 6 in episode 21, "Docket No. 11-19-41-73." But how will that be possible this time?

According to the CW's description of the episode, "The pressure mounts for Oliver (Stephen Amell) who begins to wonder if he will lose everything in his battle to save Star City. A familiar face returns." The only mention of Donnell is that he guest stars, but it is possible that he's not the "familiar face."

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The first thought would be, of course, a flashback to when Tommy was alive. However, Stephen Amell's tweet, with a picture of Donnell's chair on set, strongly suggests that's not the case here.

Now, Donnell has tweeted a video from the set showing someone suited up taking Amell's seat -- only, it's Donnell himself.

This could easily just be Donnell trying on the suit for fun on set and have nothing to do with the plot of the episode, but you never know.

Here are four ways we could be seeing Tommy again in episode 21.

1. Another Earth's Tommy

It is possible that we'll be seeing Donnell in much the same way we already have this year. During the crossover, he appeared as Earth-X Tommy. Maybe we'll meet Earth-2's Tommy, showing up for a reason that may or may not be Black Siren-related. Maybe he's from an Earth from which we haven't met anyone yet.

2. Human Target Poses as Tommy

In season 5, we met Christopher Chance (a.k.a. the Human Target), a master of disguise. Maybe he shows up again, this time wearing a Tommy mask instead of an Oliver one. Why would he do this? Maybe it's for Oliver's trial, as the title suggests we'll be seeing it in this episode.

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3. Tommy Suits Up

Whether it's really Tommy (from this Earth, Earth-2 or any Earth) or Human Target posing as him, it is possible that we'll see Donnell suited up as an archer. Maybe whoever it is tries to clear Oliver's name by going around as the Green Arrow and unmasking during the trial. But would it be enough for him to do so in just this episode?

4. Lazarus Pit Tommy

This one is the most unlikely, given that it would either mean that Tommy's been alive this entire time and just somewhere else or he's somehow brought back using one of the other Pits recently discovered after all this time. Plus, Donnell is a series regular on Chicago Med, and it's hard to imagine Arrow bringing Earth-1 Tommy back to life only to write him off.

How do you think we'll see Colin Donnell again in season 6 episode 21? Let us know your theories in the comments!

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