Can Oliver Cope as a Single Father? Stephen Amell Previews 'Arrow' Season 6
Can Oliver Cope as a Single Father? Stephen Amell Previews 'Arrow' Season 6
Vanessa Frith
Vanessa Frith
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Oliver, his son and no one else. That's the bleak future Prometheus laid out for Arrow's season 6, and, while we know a reset of those proportions won't come to pass, we have to wonder if Star City's leading vigilante is ready to swap late nights for early morning school runs and pointed conversations for parent-teacher conferences. 

According to Stephen Amell, life as the Green Arrow isn't as prohibitive to fatherhood as one might think.

The events of "Lian Yu" brought Oliver Queen's 10-year journey full circle. Moving from a 20-something playboy and hapless castaway to the Hood and beyond, the hero closed out the finale with an unwavering sense of his own morality. Barely two minutes later, however, his entire world went up in smoke. As Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra) pushed the game into an unexpected checkmate, viewers were left to wonder how William's (Jack Moore) life would play out if his mother, Samantha (Anna Hopkins), perished in the island blast.

"That would be a very interesting story, I'll tell you that much," Amell mused at London's Heroes and Villains Fan Fest last weekend. "I think Oliver is more equipped for being a father than maybe he realizes. I think -- I hope -- that he would do a really good job. That would certainly create an interesting dynamic."

If only the rest of Team Arrow was around to share the journey, right?

"Yeah, it's too bad that at the end of the season everybody died," Amell joked. 

While the actor couldn't reveal how much (or how little) William will feature in season 6, he did reveal next year's overarching theme.

"The theme of season 5 was legacy," Amell explained. "From what I understand, the theme of season 6 is family."

The Arrow writers could certainly apply family in the broader sense -- Team Arrow is a found family if there ever were one -- but one would assume the last vestiges of Oliver's own bloodline will come also into play. If Deathstroke (Manu Bennett) survives, perhaps we'll even get to see another father/son reunion.

But what do you think? Would Oliver Queen make a good single father? Do you think William's mother Samantha is dead? How will the theme of "family" play out in Arrow season 6? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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