Paul Blackthorne Leaving 'Arrow' at the End of Season 6
Paul Blackthorne Leaving 'Arrow' at the End of Season 6
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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Arrow is losing another original series regular. Willa Holland previously exited the series in the middle of season 6 as Thea Queen. Now she'll be joined by Paul Blackthorne AKA Quentin Lance. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Blackthorne will exit the series at the end of season 6.

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There are few details on how Quentin will say goodbye on Arrow. It's not even clear how permanent his exit will be for the series. While Blackthorne is leaving the show and will no longer be a series regular in season 7, just like Willa Holland, it's possible he could return for a guest appearance. 

Holland and Thea's exit was set up in such a way that the character and actress could easily come back. After all, one of the people who accompanied Thea in her exit, Roy Harper (Colton Haynes), will be returning as a series regular for Arrow season 7.

Yet fans might not want to hold out too much hope for Quentin. Unconfirmed rumors have been swirling for awhile that Quentin might not be long for this world on Arrow. There have been hints of Quentin's demise in Arrow itself. 

The Earth-2 Laurel Lance, Black Siren, has grown increasingly concerned about the life of her father's doppelganger, Quentin. Currently, Quentin and Black Siren are working together to take down villain Ricardo Diaz from inside his organization. The final piece of Arrow's burgeoning redemption arc for Black Siren could fall into place with Quentin dying. 

Quentin dying would be a nice bit of symmetry for Arrow. The original Laurel Lance died because Quentin started working with a villain. Quentin himself dying because of his daughter's own villainous connections would be a very Arrow twist. 

In addition, while filming the Arrow season 6 finale, Stephen Amell posted an ominous picture on his Twitter account. It's a set photo with Amell sitting in front of a hospital bed with the caption "Finales destroy me." 

Amell has obscured the identity of the character and actor in the bed. Yet their feet are still visible, hanging over the hospital bed. This suggests that the person could be very tall. It's a descriptor that definitely applies to the 6'4" Blackthorne. Based on the photo, Quentin might very well die in the same hospital room as his daughter. 

But what do you think? How will Quentin and Paul Blackthorne leave the series? Will you be sad to see them go? Will it be a happy ending or a tragic one? 

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