Who Was the Biggest 'Arrow' Hero in 'Fundamentals'?
Who Was the Biggest 'Arrow' Hero in 'Fundamentals'?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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If you watch carefully -- in between the fighting, the Christmas Carol homages and the drug trips -- there is still plenty of heroism on Arrow. Which of the courageous crimefighters is the most heroic individual in "Fundamentals"?


Oliver singlehandedly tries to take on an entire, corrupt, Diaz-loving police force in "Fundamentals." Sure, this happens because he is tripping on Vertigo at the time -- not to mention feeling abandoned by everyone -- but the heroism of this effort should still be applauded.

You also have to give Oliver credit for literally facing his demons during the drug trip. Courage in facing oneself is huge.

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When everyone else is busy fighting or dealing with scandal, Arrow fans can always count on Felicity to play the hero. Her initial efforts to "parent-trap" Oliver and Diggle are laudatory, for example, as is figuring out that Diaz shows up at the police headquarters nightly at 10:13. Additionally, it is Felicity who quickly finds ample information to tie the police chief and DA to Diaz.

This is all good stuff. But even Felicity's usual heroic work pales in comparison to her courage in facing a drug-addled Oliver before he completes his suicide mission.

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Is the new mayor of Star City the true hero of "Fundamentals"?

Oliver's former foe is, surprisingly, just about the Green Arrow's only remaining ally. At this point in the season, that counts as heroism. You also need to give Lance credit for realizing that everyone on Former Team Arrow has issues -- major issues.

Finally, much like Felicity, Lance stands up to a Vertigo-tripping Oliver.

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