Why The Thinker Is a Great Villain for 'The Flash' Season 4
Why The Thinker Is a Great Villain for 'The Flash' Season 4
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
After being hinted during the tail end of season 3, first by Kadabra and then by Savitar, the villain of The Flash season 4 has been officially revealed. Team Flash, whether being led by Barry Allen or not, will be facing off against Clifford DeVoe, otherwise known as The Thinker. TVLine has confirmed the news and The Flash will make good on its promises that season 4 won't have the gang face off against yet another evil speedster. This is just one small reason The Thinker will make an excellent villain for The Flash season 4.

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The Arrowverse hasn't always stuck closely to the comics but of any of the shows, The Flash is probably the most faithful. There is some juggling around of identities but for the most part The Flash sticks pretty closely to the source material when it comes to the important things. So fans can expect that The Thinker will have roughly the same powers as his comic counterpart. 

There are two eras of DeVoe in the comics. In his early days he could expand his mental force using a ridiculous thinking cap. In the later years there was a slightly less silly version where he was a nefarious AI who wormed his way into the city's entire infrastructure. The Flash will probably do away with the name The Thinker as they have only referred to him as DeVoe thus far. It is therefore more likely we'll see the later, less campy version, maybe some kind of super hacker who already is or eventually becomes part machine himself. 

This is would be the perfect way to tackle a villain on The Flash because the show is always at its strongest when the team has to think fast, not run fast. The Flash has admittedly had some pretty amazing high-speed action sequences but the show has long since exhausted that element. We can only watch Barry in the race of his life so many times. It is much more interesting for Team Flash to combine their brainpower, not their superpowers, to take down threats. 

If The Flash goes more the route of DeVoe hacking the entire city that also sets up a conflict that can last an entire season without feeling dragged out. Iris' death was pressing but season 3 did feel as if it was dragging its feet in that regard. There was no reason Savitar had to kill Iris on such a specific date. DeVoe would have no such restrictions because the audience and Team Flash already know his name. 

DeVoe could facilitate such cataclysmic events as an entire jailbreak from Iron Heights or ARGUS. The villains of the past could make their reappearance to torture Barry anew and this could last multiple episodes. DeVoe could wreak havoc with whatever remains of STAR Labs and use Team Flash's own tech against them. This is another potential multi-episode arc. If The Flash uses The Thinker's name literally and treats him as a criminal mastermind there is so much potential in that idea as a villain. Arrow season 5 certainly proved it with Prometheus, who was always one step ahead of Oliver Queen. 

The Flash needs to try something new in season 4. The first three seasons have been, in broad strokes, the same story with varying levels of quality. It is time for the show to think differently and having a villain with "think" in his very name is the perfect chance to do it. 

But what do you think? Will The Thinker bring new life to The Flash? Are you looking forward to season 4 more or less now? 

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