Does DeMario Deserve a Second Chance on 'Bachelor in Paradise'?
Does DeMario Deserve a Second Chance on 'Bachelor in Paradise'?
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Rachel Lindsay might have kicked DeMario to the curb on The Bachelorette but Bachelor Nation is not done with him. DeMario has been announced as one of the past contestants who find their way to Reject Island Bachelor in Paradise. DeMario going to Paradise isn't that surprising. The spin-off is no stranger to those contestants with less-than-stellar reputations. The Bachelor franchise doesn't have a huge amount of integrity to begin with but DeMario appearing on Bachelor in Paradise certainly doesn't sully it. Still, DeMario appearing on the show is a disappointment because DeMario simply isn't that interesting.

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Bad Move but Not a Bad Boy

DeMario, sadly, isn't really that unique when it comes to his big claim to fame. While not every Bachelorette (or Bachelor) contestant is confronted by their ex-lover on the show, DeMario isn't the first to be accused of having a relationship with someone outside the show. DeMario isn't even the first contestant to be confronted by the lead over their romantic history. DeMario's distinction is that he handled the accusations in the worst way since Justin was confronted by Ali Fedotowsky in season 6, when he just refused to say anything and literally hobbled away with a broken leg. 

Yet even though DeMario handled being confronted by his girlfriend in a bad way it wasn't exactly fascinating. When faced with the truth DeMario responded in the most cowardly way possible. He came up with several different stories, denied that he knew his ex-girlfriend at all and then claimed she was crazy. Even when DeMario showed up later to make amends he barely seemed to understand why Rachel had kicked him out in the first place. 

DeMario wasn't exactly villainous, despite his clear wrong actions, he was just kind of pathetic. Pathetic is not something anyone wants on The Bachelorette or Bachelor in Paradise. DeMario started off the season in a very cocky and arrogant place but he ended it in disgrace. The Bachelor franchise does love its redemption stories and second chances but DeMario is just sad and useless. 

A Villain Without Charisma

The best Bachelorette and Bachelor villains have some level of charisma. Chad Johnson from season 12 of The Bachelorette was/is a terror but he could mug to the camera with reckless abandon. Chad might be an awful person but for a time, even if it was a short time, he made for good TV. After all his meat eating and somewhat hilarious confessionals it was no wonder that he was brought back for Bachelor in Paradise and literally soiled himself. 

The same entertainment factor holds true for one of DeMario's cast members for Bachelor in Paradise season 4, Corinne Olympios. Corinne grew to be more of a ridiculous character than a villain in season 21 of The Bachelor but throughout her journey Corrine made for good TV. Whether she was groping herself, talking about her platinum vagine or explaining why she has a nanny, Corinne was fun. She was funny, weird and interesting. It was easy to point and laugh at Corrine but it was equally easy to be enthralled by her particular brand of crazy. 

DeMario lacks all of that special, insane quality. DeMario isn't magnetically terrifying like Chad or weird like Corinne. He is just a bit of a cowardly jerk. DeMario doesn't need to be seen again on TV, not because he did a stupid (and possibly cruel) thing by not clearly breaking up with his girlfriend before going on the show. DeMario doesn't need or deserve to be on Bachelor in Paradise because he is just not fun to watch. The lasting impression of DeMario is one of sadness, not drama. 

DeMario's only claim to fame and the only thing that the cast will talk about on Bachelor in Paradise is that he went on Rachel's season with a girlfriend. DeMario's story comes from a book that has already been open and shut. DeMario's contribution to the franchise ended when Rachel told him to get the f*** out and then later told him his future is not inside the mansion. It should stay over. When DeMario was exposed, the focus, as it should have been, was on Rachel not him. There is no reason after the fact to try to put DeMario back in the spotlight. 

But do you agree? Are you looking forward to seeing DeMario on Bachelor in Paradise? How long do you think he will last on the show? How long do you want him to last? 

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