'Celebrity Big Brother' Recap: A Look Back at a Crazy Season
'Celebrity Big Brother' Recap: A Look Back at a Crazy Season
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Celebrity Big Brother is down to the Final 5, but before Sunday's two-hour finale, it's time for the annual clip show where the HGs reflect on the wild ride they've had. That seems particularly pointless this year since the show literally premiered less than two-and-a-half weeks ago.

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More important to the actual game, we get to see some of the fallout from the double eviction and the start of the Final 5 HoH competition, the first of three comps that will conclude on Sunday's show to decide who sits in the Final 2.

Double Eviction Fallout

Right before James was evicted, Omarosa told everyone that no one can beat Marissa in the Final 2. Her goal is to set up Ross and Marissa as the biggest targets. Ross tells Mark that everyone thinks they can beat him in the Final 2 and if he has a choice, he'll take Mark to the end and cut Marissa. Meanwhile, Ariadna realizes that the only person she can trust is Omarosa.

The Clips

We get to see a bunch of unseen clips from the season.

- Marissa worked as a bathroom attendant at a strip club. Maybe that's why she felt comfortable spending so much time in the bathroom while James was showering.

-Back in week 1, Brandi called out Omarosa for talking with Chuck and they had a fight (this may have helped lead to Shannon flipping the vote to save James). Omarosa called Brandi "shady boots" and then they had this classic exchange:

Omarosa: "Don't try to play me. I'm not Nintendo, boo."
Brandi: "Girl, I play Xbox."

-There's a whole segment about Ross and Ariadna becoming BFFs and Brandi being a bit jealous.

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-The show revisits how Omarosa felt betrayed by Shannon after the first vote, saying that Shannon looked like a scheming, conniving bitch and a mean girl. The irony is that Omarosa really did have Shannon's back a lot more than Ross and Marissa.

-We get a new staple of the clip show, diary room bloopers. All of the celebrities made a lot of special requests, with James obsessing over his beard trimmer while Brandi always wanted more wine.

-There's also a whole separate segment on Brandi's love of alcohol and her drunken antics, like calling Keshia "Rudy" and revealing alliance secrets. There's also a slightly censored version of her finding a "new boyfriend" in a butternut squash.

-Metta gets a segment about his unlikely friendship with Metta. It's weird to think that some of the jury may be watching this episode, and segments like this are weighted heavily in Ros' favor as the winner.

-Mark has a segment about how he's always cleaning the house. I hope he does this at home, otherwise his wife is going to have high expectations when the game is over.

-There's, like, a segment that, like, is all about, like, how much Marissa, like, talks, like, using the word "like," like, in every conversation, like, a million, like, times. There's a hilarious graphic about how she used "like" 35 times without completing a single sentence.

-James and Brandi get a whole segment about how much they dislike each other. They really, really don't get along, in case you didn't catch it.

-Finally, we get the "Omarosa in the White House" segment. She says that she has a lot of dirt and wants to write a tell-all because she's seen a lot of messed up stuff, but she didn't say it because she was loyal. But now she's free, like she's left the plantation.

She adds that Trump will never stop tweeting, with Brandi adding that he follows her. She also claims that others ignored her because she was the only black woman in the senior staff and no one respected her opinion.

The Final 5 HoH Competition Begins

Mark, Ross, Marissa and Ariadna begin the next HoH competition. It's a battle of endurance where they have to stand on two skis and get lifted into the air. The last person standing wins. It's similar to the very first competition of season 19 with the trapezes where Cody beat Alex.

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The Celebrity Big Brother finale airs Sunday at 8/7c on CBS. For more updates, like BuddyTV's Big Brother Facebook page.

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