[WATCH] Jess and Cody Reveal Behind-the-Scenes Details on Their 'Amazing Race 30' Premiere Journey
[WATCH] Jess and Cody Reveal Behind-the-Scenes Details on Their 'Amazing Race 30' Premiere Journey
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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If you're a fan of Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson from Big Brother 19 and The Amazing Race 30, the couple is offering fans an inside look at their lives. They've started a YouTube channel, Living Jody, and recently posted a recap of the first leg of TAR.

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The 30-minute video offers plenty of fascinating behind-the-scenes insights into how the Race works and how they navigated the first leg, which saw the 11 teams flying to Iceland. The couple finished in second place, though could've easily come in first if not for a mistake at the end.

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Watch their recap, or keep reading for some of the highlights from Jess and Cody's recap of their first leg on The Amazing Race 30.

-After the end of Big Brother 19, Cody only got to spend four days in the real world before he was put back into sequester in a hotel room for a week prior to the start of The Amazing Race 30.

-Driving and navigation seems to be their forte. They say they were almost the last team to leave the starting point in Washington Square Park, but made it to the airport third and got on the first flight. Then they had trouble finding their car once they landed in Iceland and were again the last team to depart for the waterfall, but got there second thanks to detailed directions from some flight attendants.

-Cody credits his dominance in the spelling Roadblock to his impeccable eyesight as he could see all of the letters along the dune buggy course without having to travel down all of the different paths. He also doesn't believe that photographic memories are a real thing.

-Cody takes the blame for their mistake at the end that cost them first place. They wandered for about an hour, running six miles to find the ocean shoreline before realizing it was the lake shoreline. They also reveal that the Finish Mat and Phil Keoghan are much more obvious to find than Cody thought with buses and tents and a lot of production people all surrounding it.

-Despite their massive detour at the end, they were only 15 minutes behind first place and would've had an hour lead over everyone else if they just went the right way to the Pit Stop.

-During the Pit Stops, the teams aren't allowed to talk to each other. Also, they randomly got to meet Connor, from the father and son team that won season 24, at the airport.

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