Which 10 Female 'Big Brother' HGs Most Deserve a Second Chance at the Game?
Which 10 Female 'Big Brother' HGs Most Deserve a Second Chance at the Game?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Big Brother fans love to fantasize about potential all-star seasons. The idea of seeing an entire house filled with familiar faces, some of the biggest personalities and best game players ever, is exciting. So that's exactly what I'm doing.

First up are the women. However, I didn't want to just pick the best and most iconic players of all-time, otherwise the list would be filled with people we've seen play the game multiple times already.

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For the purpose of this list, I am using the rules of Survivor's Second Chances season: the HGs can only have played once and there are no winners. I'm also putting a heavy emphasis on the idea of redemption. It's not just fan favorites and fun people, it's HGs who I think genuinely deserve a second chance at playing the game because of what they did the first time around.

Michelle Costa , Season 10

The Portuguese Princess, Michelle was a feisty HG, always ready for a fight. But the reason she deserves redemption is that she got backdoored by Dan Gheesling during his infamous game of Veto Roulette when he went back on his deal with Ollie. That was great TV and it would be interesting to see if someone who got hoodwinked by Dan learned anything.

Shelly Moore, Season 13

This cagey older lady holds an impressive record in the show's history: she's the only woman ever to finish in the Top 6 without ever winning an HoH or a PoV. But she wasn't afraid to make big moves, like betraying America's sweethearts Jeff and Jordan, and if not for a Pandora's Box that released the Duo Twist back in the game, she could've made it to the end.

Jodi Rollins, Season 14

Season 14 started with the coaches picking their teams and, after one competition and less than six hours inside the house, Jodi got evicted. It was unbelievably cruel and for that reason alone, #JusticeforJodi is a popular fan campaign to get her back in the house.

Danielle Murphree, Season 14

Like Michelle Costa, Danielle fell victim to Dan's Mist. You can't really blame her, but did she learn from her mistakes (and her clingy showmance with Shane). And let's not forget that she was a bit of a competition beast, winning two HoHs and two PoVs.

Amanda Zuckerman, Season 15

This season had plenty of controversy, but it also had great personalities and gameplay. Amanda was a natural, entertaining in the diary room with just the right mixture of snark, plus she managed to dominate the game for most of the season despite never winning anything, even when her alliance tried to throw competitions to her. Still, she was a boss bitch and would be fantastic with a second chance.

Amber Borzotra, Season 16

Amber was smart, beautiful and kind, and her eviction was largely based on the fact that Beastmode Cowboy had an unhealthy obsession with her. So the show should give Amber a second chance, this time without Caleb in the house.

Christine Brecht, Season 16

Christine got booed when she was evicted, due largely to throwing her former friend Nicole under the bus, becoming the only HG ever to take advantage of the Battle of the Block and backdoor the dethroned HoH. More often than not, HGs who were beloved in their first seasons become hated the second time around (see Frank, James and especially Nicole). So why not flip the formula and give us a smart woman who knows the game, but who was hated the first time?

Audrey Middleton, Season 17

Being the first transgender HG was a big deal, for about a second. Then fans quickly discovered that Audrey was just a crazy overplayer, lying and manipulating way too hard, way too fast. She caused so much drama and it may have just been first-time jitters, but it would be nice to see if she learned from her mistakes. And if not, I would love to once again have my nightmares haunted by The Blanket.

Vanessa Rousso, Season 17

When you ask someone who the greatest player never to win the game is, there are only three acceptable answers: Danielle Reyes, Janelle Pierzina and Vanessa Rousso. The other two have already had second chances, so it needs to be Vanessa on this list. Her logic, though often emotional and filled with tears, was amazing to watch, whether she was making deals or looking for a reason to do something. She was also a competition beast, winning four HoHs and three PoVs. Her game was way too good not to invite her back again.

Alex Willett, Over the Top

The digital-only season was an interesting experiment, but perhaps not one designed for a player like Alex. A nerdy superfan, she displayed a knack for strategy, even though all of the public votes made it a moot point. Especially after seeing her sister win BBOTT, it would be nice if the show gave her a chance to show off her true skills on a regular, summer season of the show.

Which female HGs do you think deserve a second chance at Big Brother? Which of my picks do you agree with and who would you never want to see again?

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