Which 10 Male 'Big Brother' HGs Most Deserve a Second Chance at the Game?
Which 10 Male 'Big Brother' HGs Most Deserve a Second Chance at the Game?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Big Brother fans love to fantasize about potential all-star seasons. The idea of seeing an entire house filled with familiar faces, some of the biggest personalities and best game players ever, is exciting. So that's exactly what I'm doing.

These are my picks for the men. However, I didn't want to just pick the best and most iconic players of all-time, otherwise the list would be filled with people we've seen play the game multiple times already.

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For the purpose of this list, I am using the rules of Survivor's Second Chances season: the HGs can only have played once and there are no winners. I'm also putting a heavy emphasis on the idea of redemption. It's not just fan favorites and fun people, it's HGs who I think genuinely deserve a second chance at playing the game because of what they did the first time around.

Hardy Ames-Hill, Season 2

A real throwback, Hardy was a great character back in season 2. He won three HoHs and put Dr. Will Kirby on the block every time, though never succeeding in taking him out. Part of the fun of a Second Chances season would be seeing the evolution of the game and some of its notable players. How would Hardy do in a modern game since the Power of Veto didn't even exist his first time? There's also the dynamic of someone who was the hunky stud back in the day who is now a hunky silver fox in his late 40s.

Jason Guy, Season 3

Jason and Danielle Reyes had the best secret alliance of all-time that allowed both of them to reach the Final 3 without ever being nominated. We saw Danielle play again on All-Stars, but it's been 15 years since Jason was in the house. The born-again Christian is now a local news anchor in Florida with two kids, so it would be a dream come true to see if he still has it.

Eric Stein, Season 8

America's Player, Eric never really got the opportunity to play the game the first time since all of his game decisions were made by viewers, which were often in direct opposition to how he wanted to play. So setting Eric free and letting him play his own game would be something fans should desperately want to see.

Parker Somerville, Season 9

I know most fans try to forget that this season existed and I can't blame them. But maybe that's why it would be cool to see someone from that season play again. The options are limited, but the person most deserving of a second chance would be Parker, the paparazzo who was unfortunately paired with Jen, a woman who campaigned by claiming that her real-life boyfriend (who was also in the house and on the block) was a racist. Poor Parker didn't stand a chance with that albatross tied to his neck.

Kevin Campbell, Season 11

For my money, Kevin is the most underrated player of all-time. A strong social player who was able to make alliances with just about anyone and who could turn allies against each other, he made it all the way to the Final 3, but then got cut. Could he make it that far again, or even win? I'd like to see.

Matt Hoffman, Season 12

One of the founding members of the Brigade, and the one who got taken out by his own alliance, Matt was a fiendish strategist, someone who could make a deal with Brendon and Rachel one week and, two weeks later, take them out. He lied a lot (and not just about his wife having a terminal disease, but when he was given the Diamond Power of Veto, he took out a non-threat like Kathy instead of turning on his own alliance. I'm a fan of people who are willing to do anything to win, and even though betraying his alliance wasn't on that list for him the first time, everything else was.

Zach Rance, Season 16

Zach was a total loose cannon, calling people out and delivering memorable speeches ("Fruit Loop Dingus" is forever in the BB Dictionary). If given a second chance, would he learn anything and play a smarter game or proceed to be a kamikaze pilot in the house? Either way, it would be a fun ride.

Frankie Grande, Season 16

A lot of people (myself included) can't stand this "social media mogul." He's easily one of the most hated HGs in the show's history. But that doesn't mean he doesn't deserve a second chance. He was a competition beast (winning a record five HoHs, though that includes times when he was dethroned because of the Battle of the Block). And, if not for the Rewind at the Final 5, he would've had a real shot at winning the game.

John McGuire, Season 17

Only eight people have ever finished in the Final 4 without ever winning an HoH, and Johnny Mac is one of them. The Rock Star Dentist was wildly entertaining and a bit of a mad man on the show, volunteering to be used as a pawn multiple times. He was also one of the first people to recognize Vanessa as a huge threat, though he was never in a position to do anything about it. The first time around he played dumb and acted like he'd never seen the show (even though he was a big fan), so what would he do a second time around when everyone knows that?

Paul Abrahamian, Season 18

Like Zach and Johnny Mac, Paul was a bit of a wild card. But he wasn't just entertaining. He won a lot of competitions, he had a strong social game and he was a decent strategist, often finding ways to dig himself out of a huge hole. And he did all of that without really knowing anything about the show. After finishing in second place in a very close vote, I would definitely want to see someone with all of his natural abilities, now combined with an actual understanding of the game.

Which male HGs do you think deserve a second chance at Big Brother? Which of my picks do you agree with and who would you never want to see again?

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