Who Are the Oldest and Youngest Houseguests in 'Big Brother' History?
Who Are the Oldest and Youngest Houseguests in 'Big Brother' History?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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When it comes to Big Brother, age is far more than just a number. The ages of the various houseguests over the course of the series can reveal a lot. From the scarcity of people over 40 to the prominence of being in your 20s, certain patterns and trends definitely emerge.

So which HGs were the oldest and how did they do? How many people under 25 made it to the Final 2? And if there a difference when it comes to the average age of men and women on the show?

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All of this data is based on the HG's ages at the time the6 entered the house, according to their official CBS bios.

Who Are the Oldest HGs?

Out of 266 HGs, there have only been five over 50. The oldest, by far, was 75-year-old Jerry MacDonald from season 10. In fact, he's 17 years older than the next oldest HG. The oldest woman was also from season 10, 53-year-old Renny Martyn, and she's the only woman over 45 in the history of the show.

The other three HGs over 50 were season 3's Gerry Lancaster (51), season 4's Jack Owens (58) and season 18's Glenn Garcia (50).

In addition, there are only 18 other HGs over 40, which means that less than 9 percent of all HGs in the show have been 40 and older. Even more depressing, season 8 winner Evel Dick Donato, at 44, is the only person over 40 to reach the Final 2 and only six others over 30 have made it that far.

Who Are the Youngest HGs?

Back in season 4, Michelle Maradie was only 19-years-old when she played the game. Then in season 8, Daniele Donato was just 20, making them the only two HGs under 21.

Another 12 HGs were just 21 when they came into the house, but only five of them were guys. However, that list does include season 1 winner Eddie McGree and season 14 winner Ian Terry.

It definitely helps to be young as nine winners and 10 runners-up (that's half of all Final 2 HGs) were 24 and under.

What Is the Most Common Age for HGs?

Nearly two-thirds of all HGs were in their 20s. The most common age is 23, with 29 different HGs entering the house at that age, and there were also 27 HGs who were 25-years-old. Interestingly, despite being the two most common ages, none of those 56 HGs ended up winning the game.

What Is the Average Age for HGs?

The average age for all HGs is just under 29, despite the fact that more than 60 percent of all HGs fall under that age. That average is skewed heavily because of the early seasons, which had much older HGs. In the past five seasons (15, 16, 17, 18 and Over the Top), the average age of the HGs has dropped severely to between 26 and 28.

The oldest average age came back in season 3, with an average of 33. The youngest cast was season 17, with an average age of just over 26 (that year, 33-year-old Shelli Poole was the oldest HG).

There's also a big gender gap when it comes to ages. The average age for all male HGs is 29.73 while the average age for female HGs is 27.7. That's a two-year age gap between men and women on this show, revealing that Big Brother prefers older men and younger women. It's no wonder that season 4's Jun Song, who was 27 when she entered the house, is the oldest female winner ever.

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