5 Reasons Dr. Bull Made the Right Choice with Cable on 'Bull'
5 Reasons Dr. Bull Made the Right Choice with Cable on 'Bull'
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Cable is finally back at TAC on Bull. After helping the team without their knowledge, Dr. Bull realized the mistake he made and offered her old job back to her. It's not clear what will happen to her replacement yet, but honestly, that really doesn't matter. While she may have messed up a few episodes ago, hiring Cable back was definitely the right choice. Here are five reasons why.

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1. It Was an Honest Mistake Others Had Made

Cable's mistake wasn't malicious. She wanted to believe that her friend's boyfriend was innocent and prove that by helping. Unfortunately, she was scammed. This isn't the first time someone at TAC has made a mistake. Marissa, Danny, Benny and even Bull himself have made mistakes over the course of almost two seasons. Every time they've had each other to back them up. Cable needed that this time and Dr. Bull had failed her up to this point.

2. Cable Is the Best at Her Job

The latest episode, titled "Gag Order," proved that Cable really is the best at her job. Her replacement made himself look good but admitted that it was a cheap trick. Anyone with skill in computers and coding would be able to link a drone to the espresso machine. When push came to shove, Cable's expertise was necessary to get the evidence for the case.

3. She Helped Despite the Past

Cable was angry with Bull when he fired her, but she didn't hold a grudge. Despite her initial anger (and that was possibly aimed at herself, rather than Bull) she stepped up when needed. She helped without anyone official at TAC asking, and didn't even want her replacement to admit where he got the help from. This was a selfless act that shows she definitely belongs with the team.

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4. She Does the Job for the Right Reasons

Dr. Bull knows how to choose his team. Those who have been there from the beginning were handpicked by him, and that includes Cable. She has always done the job for the right reasons and it would be hard to find a replacement for her. In fact, Cable even pointed out that the main thing she missed about TAC was being able to help people.

5. Bull Hasn't Had an Issue with Her Since Firing Her

Some ex-employees could make it difficult for their former boss. A woman like Cable could have done immense damage with her computer skills. She never even considered this. While she wasn't happy that she was fired, she took it on the chin and looked for another job. She never even went back to beg for her job, proving she is respectful, strong and everything Bull needs in a tech.

Do you think Bull made the right choice hiring Cable back? Should he have come to his senses sooner? Should the new guy have been given a chance? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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