'Bull' Poll: Would You Ship Dr. Bull and Sylvia Banner?
'Bull' Poll: Would You Ship Dr. Bull and Sylvia Banner?
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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Bull introduced a potential relationship for Dr. Bull during "Bad Medicine." While helping to defend a young doctor treating her patients with marijuana oil, Bull connected with Assistant U.S. Attorney Sylvia Banner. Dr. Bull attempted to understand more about her, especially when she refused a deal, and eventually, he ended up admiring her more.

Now there's the question of whether they would make a good couple. Would you ship Bull and Banner?

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Yes, They're Perfect for Each Other

Both love their work. While this could be a problem for many relationships, it's something that could work out for Bull and Banner. As passionate as they are, neither attempted many dirty tricks throughout the trial and they were open with the tricks they were attempting. For example, Banner never lied about calling social services. This sort of honesty is important in a relationship, showing there are no games moving forward.

On top of that, they want the same thing: for justice to play out. Bull wasn't initially convinced about the case until he learned more details. He doesn't just represent people for the sake of the money and has regularly turned down representation for the other side after hearing all the details. Banner, meanwhile, made it clear that as long as the system had a chance to play out, she would be happy.

In the end, Banner lost, but she didn't get angry or upset at Bull for the steps he took during the case. In fact, she seemed more intrigued by his actions and processes throughout the trial.

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No, They Wouldn't Work

The passion they have could also be damaging to their relationship. Their work could get in the way, which has happened with relationships on Bull before. However, they are both professionals, so they could work out an agreement to prevent a problem arising.

Sylvia Banner wasn't the most likable person on the episode until the very end. She was cold and detached, which could make it harder for the fans to accept her. If fans of the show can't like her character, there's no hope for the relationship. While the ending helped people warm up to her, it may not be enough to secure this relationship on the series.

During the trial, she took emotion out of the equation. For her, the case was just a job, which isn't the way Dr. Bull works. He likes to get the full story. Not only can he then help his clients, but he can also gain a deeper understanding of their actions, especially when they have done something that breaks the law. Does this lack of emotion in the courtroom also occur in her personal life? That could spell trouble for any relationship.

Would you like to see Dr. Bull and Sylvia Banner try a relationship? Is it time for Dr. Bull to get a real love interest on the series? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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