'Bull' Recap: Can Dr. Bull Make Up for His Past?
'Bull' Recap: Can Dr. Bull Make Up for His Past?
Sarah Luoma
Sarah Luoma
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An old acquaintance from Dr. Bull's past needs a favor in this episode of Bull, titled "Justified." Her client from the battered women's shelter shot her husband in self-defense one night after a particularly violent fight. Having a sister who died from abuse, Bull takes on the case. The only problem is that Kate shot her husband in the back in bed while he slept. How will Bull motivate the team to try and win the case while also trying to win the jury over?

It is an easy yes for Bull when he is asked to help Kate. Her face is black and blue while she lay in a hospital bed pregnant and sedated. When Kate's public defender doesn't think she is innocent, Bull gets angry and determined to change the fate of this woman in the hopes of making up for missing all the signs of his own sister's abuse at the hands of her husband.

Most of the team are not aware that his sister was kicked so hard that her spleen ruptured. She died six hours later. Bull blames himself, but as Marissa points out he isn't God and he cannot see everyone and everything.

The Challenges

Kate's husband was a smart college professor who knew how to hide the abuse. Kate actually helped him. If she did go to the hospital, she checked in as Jane Doe and paid in cash. He never left her alone with his family, so she couldn't say anything that might give away who he really was behind closed doors. 

His own sister had no idea. But when Benny begins to cross-examine her on the stand and ask why she thinks her sister-in-law always wore long sleeves or why the couple canceled their trips to the beach, Benny finally gets an in with the jurors and makes the sister look hard at something she missed all those years.

Taking the Stand

Kate's lack of evidence and police reports aren't the only challenge. The team grows weary when they cannot track down anyone who spent time with Kate's husband that could prove he was a violent man. With no other option, Bull tells Kate that she needs to take the stand and explain her side of the story.

Kate is nervous and thinks it is a bad idea. From everything she has ever read, a suspected murderer never does well by speaking on their own behalf. Luckily, the Bull team has Benny, who asks all the right questions to show the jury that Kate tried to leave once. Ultimately, her abusive husband tied her down and forced her to return to him after threatening to kill her. Her testimony isn't enough, however, with the majority of the jury still with the belief that she is guilty. Who shoots their husband in the back while he is sleeping and then goes to sleep next to him while he bleeds out?

Danny and Cable to the Rescue

Luckily for the Bull team, Danny and Cable prove once again that they are both invaluable assets to the team when they track down a former TA of Kate's husband. She takes the stand and admits that she slept with Kate's husband. She had no choice. He was on the board of individuals who determined her scholarships.

One night, she went back to the office when she overheard the abuse firsthand and the threats that he would kill Kate if she tried to run. The TA withdrew from school the next day and never looked back. Her actions would haunt her. On the stand, she apologizes to Kate for doing nothing to help her. The genuine moment has the jury going green.

Nine Days

Bull cannot stop thinking about how he went all-or-nothing by asking for a first-degree murder charge or innocence. What if they lose? Benny tells him to pull himself together. Kate needs them. But after nine days of waiting while the jury deliberates the case, Bull can't take it anymore. 

It is an emotional couple of moments for Bull as he tries to sooth Kate before they hear what her future holds. Just when it looks like the Bull team may be at a loss, the jury finds Kate innocent. And it looks like her sister-in-law has also had a change of heart when she cries and hugs Kate.

On the B-Side

This episode was all about Kate's case. There wasn't much of a storyline playing out anywhere else. Chunk received a failing grade in his class and Benny's sister tried repeatedly to get in touch with Bull.

Will the Bull writers give us more on both in the future? Will Chunk fail to make it to the bar? Why is Izzy looking for Bull? If she needs help, why wouldn't she just ask Benny? Is she hiding something from her brother? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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