'Bull' Recap: Can the Team Prevent an Emotional Wife From Destroying Their Case?
'Bull' Recap: Can the Team Prevent an Emotional Wife From Destroying Their Case?
Sarah Luoma
Sarah Luoma
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It is a scenario that is seen more and more in the news, and now the team on Bull will do its best to try and save a family man who tried to cover up his past after committing a crime in this episode, titled "A Redemption." After years of living under an alias, Jim Grayson has been forced to come clean to a jury and his family, who knew nothing about his past.

The Case

Jim Grayson is being accused of driving the getaway car from the scene of an armed robbery that went horribly wrong, leaving a store clerk dead. It was after the robbery that Jim disappeared with $8,000, leaving behind his life as George Brown after buying a new identity. According to Jim, he was not aware nor did he knowingly take part in the robbery. It was his older brother who committed the crime. When he was arrested, he told his younger brother to run with the money and never look back.

After hearing the story and meeting with Jim, Bull and Benny's interests are piqued. Surprisingly, as far-fetched as Jim's story is, they believe him. They take the case with the hopes of talking the ADA into dropping the case. He lets them know he will see them in court.

The Obstacles

One of the team's biggest obstacles is Jim's wife, Kristen. It is hard to be a loving and supportive wife when you had no idea that your husband had a brother or parents that died when he was young, let alone was part of an armed robbery. 

Chunk works with Kristen to prep her for the trial. But on the first day, she can hardly contain herself after hearing more of the truth about her husband in Benny's opening statement. She leaves the courtroom, sending Bull into a tailspin. The jurors certainly pick up on her quick and emotional exit.

Credit Card Fraud

Things only get worse for the team when Jim is accused of committing credit card fraud years prior. The judge allows this offense into evidence, to show Jim's lack of obedience towards the law. Luckily, Cable is back and discovers that Jim's social security number, bought 18 years prior, was also sold to another person.

They also manage to get their hands on the robbery tapes. Danny bends over backwards to prove that the robbery was an inside job. Yes, Jim's brother knew the store clerk. They planned the whole thing together, right up to the staged gagging. Unfortunately, something went wrong. The store clerk may have panicked, vomited and then suffocated to death.

Vital Testimony

Working overtime to win the case, Benny and Bull manage to talk Jim's older brother, Richard, into taking the stand to share that his brother knew nothing about the robbery. With the thought that jurors won't believe a convicted felon, Benny presents supporting evidence that Richard and the store clerk were in on it together. Six of the jurors go green, while the other six stay red. The ADA asks for a recess.

Always reading people right, Bull pays the ADA a visit outside the courtroom to make sure he knows that this is probably going to end with a mistrial. Is he really willing to send an innocent man to jail for a year until a new trial is scheduled? This revelation isn't the only thing Bull has on his side; a threat that Bull will never give it has the ADA backing down. He declares that he would like to dismiss the case. Jim goes free! 

Will Bull and the team continue to take these risky cases? From convicted killers to drug dealers and identity thiefs, the team continues to win. But can their streak go for much longer? Or is there a loss in their future? And if so, will it haunt Bull like the losses from the beginning of his career? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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