'Bull' Recap: Can the Team Save a Doctor and Her Patients?
'Bull' Recap: Can the Team Save a Doctor and Her Patients?
Sarah Luoma
Sarah Luoma
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In this episode of Bull, titled "Bad Medicine," Dr. Bull and the team hit a number of road blocks when they try to prove that the law isn't always cut and dry in order to free a primary care physician, who just wants to make her dying son comfortable as well as those of her cancer patients. At first glance, her case doesn't look promising, but the team pulls out all of the stops for a win.

The Case

Bull and the team take on what appears to be a cookie cutter drug conviction that turns out to be anything but. A young female primary care physician and mother, Laura Allen, has been charged with 27 counts of possession with intent to distribute by the Assistant US Attorney. Allen was arrested when she crossed state lines, leaving her home in Virginia to travel to New York for CBD oil.

It's Not What It Seems

It isn't long before Bull and Benny discover that Laura is treating her sick son with the oil. He has leukemia.During a mock trial, she takes the stand and gives a truthful and emotional testimony about how her young son tried to commit suicide until she started treating him with CBD. Since then, he has gained weight, has more energy and acts like a kid who wants to play with his friends. She wanted to do the same for her patients.

Child Services

Just when Bull and Benny think they have secured a good jury pool and they are on their way to winning Laura's case, Laura's son is taken away by Child Services. They want to check her son out and make sure he is receiving the right treatment for his cancer. 

When they mention chemo to the young boy, he runs away, throwing a wrench in their scheduled court date the following day. When Laura doesn't show because she spends the day looking for her son, the judge issues a warrant for her arrest.

A Twist of Fate

Back at the hospital, the doctor on Nick's case thinks Laura's treatment with CBD oil is making all the difference. He too would prescribe his clients the oil that has been life changing for so many. Bull asks him if he would take the stand in Laura's defense. He agrees. 

Between Benny's excellent closing arguments, the doctor's testimony and Bull's decision to bring in 13 of April's patients who are all leading a more peaceful life thanks to the CBD oil, the jury finds Laura not guilty. Winning against the Assistant Attorney who went on a witch hunt trying to take Laura down brings a smile to Bull's face!

It has been a while since we have seen an episode that takes such an emotional toll on Bull; will we see more of that in the future? And how did you think this trial would end? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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