9 TV Characters Who Just Deserve to Be Happy
9 TV Characters Who Just Deserve to Be Happy
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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The lives of TV characters are way more interesting than those of the people watching. This also means the problems they face are way more complex and dynamic than what we face. Sometimes, though, TV dumps and dumps trouble onto certain characters' shoulders, making them more and more miserable when all the audience wants is to see them be happy and peaceful. Here are nine TV characters who desperately deserve some happiness coming their way.

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Oliver Queen - Arrow

The worst mental prisons are the ones of your own making and that's the case for Oliver Queen. Oliver has been helped along in his misery by the various villains he fights as Green Arrow but his problems are more deep-seated than a masked foe. Oliver is constantly trying to atone and improve himself. He can never measure up to his own standards and that just causes him to beat himself up more. Oliver has done bad things in his life but everyone around him thinks the good he has done more than makes up for it. Tragically, Oliver is the only one who can't see it. Oliver's guilt is part of what makes him a hero but he also deserves to be a little bit pleased with himself over his victories and struggles. 

Iris West - The Flash

Iris began life on The Flash as the typical damsel in distress and since then has grown into a strong, confident and independent character. For all Iris' growth, she still ends up in life-threatening situations because of the man she loves, Barry Allen, The Flash. Not only that but Iris often has to deal with and directly confront Barry's frequent mistakes. Iris isn't trying to hide away to make herself safer though. Iris is always out in the open and standing beside Barry. Iris might accept her fate but she deserves at least one season of The Flash where her life is not in mortal peril and maybe she'll finally have time to work on that journalism career. 

Mellie Grant - Scandal

Mellie is no saint and on the first few years of Scandal she was probably everyone's least favorite character. Yet as the other characters on the show have gotten more and more ruthless, Mellie has become that much more sympathetic. Mellie has suffered loss after loss on the show. Mellie can't seem to be happy in her personal or professional life for long before everything comes tumbling down. Some of Mellie's failures have been of her own making but more have been because the world seemingly has it out for Mellie. This former First Lady needs a win in the worst way. 

Michonne - The Walking Dead

Every character on The Walking Dead needs and probably deserves a good day (except Negan, because screw that guy.) There is something about Michonne that calls out for happiness more than any other character. Michonne is probably the most emotionally damaged of the main group on The Walking Dead. She entered Rick's group as a stubborn and combative loner and over time opened her heart to Rick and everyone else. Sadly, falling in love with Rick hasn't "fixed" any of Michonne's problems. In fact, she is more scared and vulnerable than ever now. Rick Grimes blurs the line between antihero and hero a little too much to get a happy ending but Michonne as his (much) better half deserves one. 

Jughead Jones - Riverdale

There are so many ways that "Riverdale's own Holden Caulfield" could be a pretentious ass. Yet Jughead is by far the most likable character on the dark teen soap opera. Jughead is homeless and has every reason to turn his back on everyone in the town of Riverdale. Yet Jughead is one of only a handful of people who is trying to find out who murdered a guy who spent most his life bullying Jughead. Riverdale hooking up Betty and Jughead was an inspired move that gives both characters some much-needed relief from their stressful lives but Jughead deserves much more happiness. 

Spencer Reid - Criminal Minds

The most lovable, or second most lovable if your favorite is Penelope, member of the BAU has been put through the wringer on Criminal Minds. If there is any character on Criminal Minds fans want to see protected and happy, it's Reid, but the show currently has him imprisoned for a murder he did not commit and in a foreign country. Even if Reid gets out of jail he still must deal with his ailing mother and the horror he had to deal with behind bars.  


Regina Mills - Once Upon a Time

Regina might have a notorious past as one of the most infamous fairy tale villains of all time, the Evil Queen. Throughout six seasons on Once Upon a Time Regina has tried to redeem herself and it's worked. Regina is now firmly a hero but she still ends up having to pay for her life as the Evil Queen. Since it's based on a variety of fairy tales Once Upon a Time is essentially one long morality tale but the former Evil Queen deserves to have her happiness last for longer than a few episodes. She's paid the consequences for her actions enough. 

Randall Pearson - This Is Us

Every child in the Pearson family has lost a beloved father but Randall has lost two. Season 1 of the dramedy This Is Us was more drama than comedy but no one had a more tragic trajectory than Randall. This Is Us spent most of its first season making Randall cry and tugging at our heartstrings in the process. It was hard enough to see responsible, loving and hard-working Randall suffer in present day but it was even worse as the flashbacks revealed Randall has pretty much always been a saint and the perfect son. Misery might make good drama but it's time for This Is Us to ease up on their most likable character. 

Paige Jennings - The Americans 

The teenage years full of hormones and confusing feelings suck. Any average angsty teenager needs a win even if they're a total brat about it. Paige Jennings is no average teen. Paige not only has to deal with the usual teenager problems, she has to cope with the fact that her parents are Russian spies while she falls for the neighbor boy whose dad is a FBI agent. Paige doesn't just have to keep her parents' secret either. The agency behind her parents secretly wants to recruit Paige and she is unwittingly being groomed to become a killer super spy herself. 

What do you think of this list? Which characters do you think deserve happiness? Which other characters do you just want to be happy? Do you disagree with this list and think some of these characters don't deserve anything good? 

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