'Nashville': Is It Time for Deacon to Move On?
'Nashville': Is It Time for Deacon to Move On?
Jay Ruymann
Jay Ruymann
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Season 6 of Nashville has begun to step toward Deacon moving on from his late wife as he continues his life without her, but is it too soon? As we saw on season 6 episode 2, Deacon and Jessie finally go on a date, but it doesn't seem to be in his wheelhouse anymore. With how short Deacon and Rayna's marriage was and how long it's been since Rayna passed, will any time this season be "right" for Deacon to begin dating?

The First Date

While Deacon and Jessie have a lot in common (like, everything), is Deacon really ready to be in a serious relationship again? We've seen what could potentially be between these two, but Deacon was in love with the same woman for over 20 years before her untimely death within the last year. It seems a little much to expect Deacon to be ready to date again, or even to consider the suggestions that he move on.

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Even if things work with Jessie, will he compare her to Rayna in every way? That's what Deacon has done with every woman in his life, and it's going to be worse now since his relationship with Rayna was near perfect before her death. Jessie can't live up to the ghost of Rayna, nor can any other woman, and with where Deacon's at in his life, comparisons are inevitable.

Come Series End

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With the end of Nashville coming later this year, it's now or never when it comes to creating lasting stories to leave off with. Deacon's, however, is one of the more difficult stories to tell in such a short time because it's not like viewers of the series can ever forget his relationship with Rayna. After all, Deacon's entire story over the first four seasons of the show revolved around Rayna because he was her love interest.

Deacon deserves a happy ending, whatever that may be. Maybe he shouldn't embark on another long-lasting relationship, but he should at least be in a committed relationship with someone, perhaps Jessie, when the series ends as a sign he can truly move on with his life and be happy.

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For now, though, Deacon's story shouldn't include another woman. That's all his life has been about for 20 years -- besides the brief time he realized he was a father -- and it has yet to change. Before Deacon enters another relationship, we need to see what Deacon's life is outside of that. Is his legacy really to run Rayna's company forever? Yet again, something else about Deacon that is truly about someone else in his life. What does Deacon want to do for the rest of his life? When will his music take off again? Instead of pursuing a relationship with someone, develop Deacon's character and make him an actual human being.

What do you think? Can Deacon ever move out from Rayna's shadow? Do you think Jessie and Deacon are ready to be together? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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