'Nashville' Recap: Deacon Begins Dating
'Nashville' Recap: Deacon Begins Dating
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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On this episode of Nashville, titled "Second Chances," Deacon and Jessie try dating, Scarlett considers quitting music, Gunnar and Will convince Avery to join them on stage and Juliette learns more about Darius' followers. 

Scarlett and Deacon deal with emotional landmines while at the farmer's market. Scarlett spots Gunnar and feigns an abnormal amount of interest in zucchini to avoid an awkward encounter. Meanwhile, Deacon runs into Jessie who he hasn't seen since their goodbye several months ago. Their interaction is friendly but brief. Scarlett encourages Deacon to ask Jessie out, so he takes the plunge and gives her a call. Jessie is surprised and questions if Deacon is really ready. It's obvious Jessie has her doubts, but she agrees to a date.

Bros Before Exes

It turns out Gunnar did spot Scarlett, and he obsesses over whether she saw him and pretended she didn't, or if she really didn't see him at all. Will's over Gunnar's constant pre-occupation with Scarlett and changes the subject. Gunnar has a gig coming up, and Will wants to join him. Gunnar appreciates Will getting him over his initial stage fright, but he thinks it's time he do his own thing. Will didn't offer to play with Gunnar because he's worried about him, Will just had a lot of fun and wants to perform with his bestie again.

"Dr." Darius

Avery's concerned about Juliette's depression and approaches her about getting help. Juliette's already on it. She's going to hang with Darius. Avery had somebody a bit more legit in mind (like a psychiatrist), but Juliette thinks the fact that Darius has written a few bestselling self-help books makes him qualified enough to tinker with her brain. 

Scarlett's Second Thoughts

Gunnar isn't the only one adjusting to being a solo act. Scarlett has what is presumably her first gig without Gunnar. She sounds beautiful as usual and performs with perfect poise but appears to have a panic attack afterwards backstage. Later, she tells Deacon she feels Gunnar's absence. Without him up there, she's kind of wondering why she's even doing it. The thirst for fame was really Gunnar's dream, and Scarlett isn't sure it's what she wants anymore. Deacon doesn't want his niece to give up on her talent, telling her Gunnar may have coaxed it out of her, but her songs say something, and it would be a shame if she didn't have an audience. 

Ill-Intentioned Community

Darius' demanding schedule means he blows of Juliette but one of his acolytes shows the country star around the "intentional community." It's a group of like-minded people who believe whatever Darius tells them. They go to work or school during the day but choose to spend their evenings together, meditating and giving more of themselves to other people. This includes handing over 30 percent of their income and spending one day a week doing some type of community service. 

It just so happens Juliette's visit coincides with one of these altruistic outings, and she's recruited to come along and get her hands dirty building a house. Juliette divas out a little bit and gets a life lesson from the mystery brunette whose name nobody has mentioned, and who is acting as Juliette's spiritual guide for the day. Juliette rises to the occasion and gets her hands dirty.

Three's Company

Will and Gunnar play at a rowdy coffee house, and they're a hit. Avery comes along to lend his support. Avery's jealous at all the fun Will and Gunnar have on stage, and they invite him to join them. Avery's initial response is a hard pass. They've already been down that road, and he's got his own band to worry about now. Gunnar suggests Avery just join them as a side gig, but Avery explains Juliette's in a weird place (when isn't she?), and he's pulling double duty with Cadence. 

Juliette has such a good day, she decides to spend the night at the center. Avery isn't entirely thrilled. The guy constantly sacrifices his needs to cater to his trainwreck of a wife. She makes it clear it's been the best day she's had in a while and asks Avery not to ruin it. 

Second Thoughts

Jessie cancels on Deacon, claiming she's got some tween crisis with her weirdo kid. But she calls Deacon the next day and admits she kind of chickened out. Deacon tries to calm Jessie's nerves by assuring her that all he's looking for right now is someone to grab dinner with -- no big deal. For someone who hasn't been sure if he's ready to date, Deacon is now definitely and aggressively pursuing Jessie.

The two finally mange to make it to dinner, and Jessie reveals she's going back to school for psychology. She's not exactly making it big in the music biz, so she wants to quit. Deacon is surprisingly supportive about her decision.

The twosome can't seem to find their groove. Jessie thinks Deacon's kind of checked out which makes him feel self-conscious. He thinks she's the one who's feeling weird and is projecting her feelings onto him. 

Jessie is convinced the date is a mistake, and it's going to ruin their friendship. Deacon insists their friendship is fine, but Jessie thinks otherwise. If their friendship was fine, Deacon would have given her hell for quitting music. Things feel forced to her.

Deacon admits that even though he's really been looking forward to their date, now that it's happening, he's feeling a bit overwhelmed. Jessie feels the same way and points out that it was Deacon who said this would just be a simple dinner, but Deacon confesses he was wrong. Sometimes, dinner just isn't dinner. Jessie asks if he wants to go back to being friends, and since Deacon is currently clueless, he agrees, even though we all know that's not what he really wants.

Deacon takes Jessie home, and she refers to their date as a "fun, failed experiment." Deacon responds you don't know until you try and gives Jessie a hug. They say their goodnights, but after a lingering glance they share a passionate kiss (not shocking, I've done more after worse dates.)

The Beginning of the End?

Will and Gunnar decide not to take no for an answer, show up unexpectedly at Avery's house and drag him -- even though he's obviously willing -- to play with them. (Anyone sick of mopey Avery, raise your hand.) 

They arrive at a venue, and Will and Gunnar reveal they've booked a gig. The threesome take the stage, and any true Nashie knows this is the beginning of another beautiful collaboration. 

Darius returns and continues to insert himself between her and the people who care about her. He begins to plant the seed that her family and friends are content to see her stay just the way she is. He wants Juliette to stay at the center and does a masterful job in manipulating her into thinking it's her idea.

The episode starts at the farmer's market and ends at the farmer's market. This time, Gunnar approaches Scarlett and says hello. They agree that it's been too long since they talked, and it's weird. 

They fill each other in on what's new. Scarlett is seriously considering take a break from music. Gunnar hates the idea of Scarlett not singing, but she's begun to feel like it's an obligation. Scarlett loves that her music helps people, but she wants to get her hands dirty. It's where her heart is right now. Gunnar tells her he's happy for her, says it's good to see her and goes on his way. It feels like the two finally have some closure.

Will Juliette ever give Avery his balls back? Should Scarlett give up singing? Have you given up on Gunnar and Scarlett getting back together? Do Deacon and Jessie stand a chance? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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