'NCIS: Los Angeles': 12 Sweet and Supportive Kensi and Deeks Moments from Season 8
'NCIS: Los Angeles': 12 Sweet and Supportive Kensi and Deeks Moments from Season 8
Meredith Jacobs
Meredith Jacobs
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It took all year, but by the NCIS: Los Angeles season 8 finale, Kensi and Deeks were officially engaged. And it wasn't the easiest of years either. It started off with Kensi pinned under a helicopter and then in a coma, saw Kensi get kidnapped during the mole hunt because of something that happened in Afghanistan a couple years ago and the return of Whiting's investigation into Deeks, and ended with them facing how short life can be after Michelle Hanna's death.   

Here are the times season 8 showed us why Kensi and Deeks are so great together.

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The Second Unofficial Proposal in "The Queen's Gambit"

There was an unofficial proposal in season 7, and Deeks got the ring in the season 8 premiere, but he never had the chance to put it on her finger before she was injured and ended up in a coma. So, he adapted because "sometimes life doesn't work the way that you plan it," and asked, "will you please wake up and marry me?" Sadly, she didn't.  

Deeks Was at Kensi's Side When She Woke up in "Ghost Gun"

Deeks spent many nights sleeping at the hospital, while Kensi was in a coma (despite it being cold enough that he had his arms in his sweater in "Black Market") and when and after she woke up.

He tested her grip, and while she couldn't squeeze his hand with her left, he assured her it was okay and she just had to be a "patient patient." "It's okay. You're up, you're awake. Don't worry about this. This is going to be fine. I promise you. You're back. That's all that matters."

Yet Another Unofficial Proposal in "Crazy Train"

Though Kensi thought Deeks should have just left her in Syria, that would mean he'd be there by himself, which would be "dreadful." Since she didn't really remember much from her time in a coma, he decided it was a good time to propose again since he'd been walking around with the ring in his pocket for weeks, but she stopped him because she didn't want it "like this."

While he had it planned, "the details are inconsequential," he told her. "What's important is I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you." It didn't matter to him if she was in a wheelchair, but it did matter to her because she didn't think it was fair to him and instead wanted him to bring her back to her room.

Kensi Wanted "Something to Look Forward to" in "Parallel Resistors"

After apologizing for being so difficult, Kensi asked to see the ring, but after he showed it to her, she wanted him to put it away. "I don't want to see it again until I get out of here," she explained. "I need something to look forward to." That meant that even if she begged, he had to promise not to let her see it again ... which he did and then promptly failed to keep that promise.

Hands in "Glasnost"

NCISLA Densi Glasnost.gifWhen Kensi became frustrated with her ADL therapy with checkers, Deeks was there to offer her another exercise for her "claw," as she called her left hand. He held up his hand for her to fit her fingers between his -- and she did.

Deeks Showed His Love in "Payback"

After Kensi was kidnapped, Deeks took Sullivan/Ferris down with a "double tap to the head, you must really love me," as Kensi put it. And when Callen and Sam came in to the room, the couple kicked them out as they reunited.  

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Kensi Knew the Choices She Made and What She Has in "Queen Pin"

While Deeks would have loved to crush Asakeem and break all his fingers for what he did to Kensi, she didn't feel anything. "I chose this job," she explained. "And I choose to be okay with it." But Deeks wasn't quite as "evolved" just yet. "The other thing too is that I have you, and that's all I care about," she added.

Morning Thanks in "767"

Unfortunately for the couple, after Kensi thanked Deeks "for everything" -- "You were the strong one, I was just along for the ride," he protested -- their morning plans were interrupted by work.

Deeks Learned to Dance in "From Havana with Love"

Deeks had Eric and Nell hack Kensi's app to use their word count game to ask her to dance with him. While she was reluctant since he broke her metatarsal last time, he had used down time during the case to get a few dance lessons in.

Kensi Knew Her Time in the Hospital Wasn't Hard for Just Her in "Battle Scars"

When they had to go back to the VA hospital for a case, Deeks wanted to know if she was okay. Since she wasn't going in as a patient, she was good, but she knew that he had more memories of that place than she did since he was awake for all of it. Though he claimed his part was easy, she didn't let him get away with joking about it. "You were there for me the entire time, and I wasn't there for you," she said. "I couldn't be."

Kensi Assured Deeks He Was Never Alone in "Golden Days"

After Whiting contacted Deeks, he was worried about how much she remembered from his confession. Though Kensi offered to go with him, he didn't want to wrap her up in it again and said he'd do it alone. "You're never alone, Deeks," she assured him, but she did have a request: "Please make sure you come back this time because I would hate to have to break you out of jail and live the rest of our lives on the lam."

Kensi Proposed in "Unleashed"

NCISLA Densi Unleashed.gifDeeks had already proposed three times (unofficially) by the season 8 finale and it was 2017, so Kensi saw nothing wrong with being the one to get down on one knee at a crime scene and propose with the pin of a flash bang grenade:

"Life is really short, Deeks. We saw that today. We see it every day. And I don't know how much time either one of us has left, but I do know this: I want to spend the rest of what I have with you. So, what's it gonna be?"

After he said yes and joked about the lack of bling on his ring, she reminded him she's "more bang than bling," which he already knew because "sunshine and gunpowder."

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