5 Ways Michael Weatherly's 'NCIS' and 'Bull' Characters Are Basically the Same Person
5 Ways Michael Weatherly's 'NCIS' and 'Bull' Characters Are Basically the Same Person
Kim Stempel
Kim Stempel
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Have you been missing "Very Special" Agent Anthony DiNozzo from NCIS? Getting your DiNozzo fix may be easier than you can imagine. If you watch the freshman season of Bull, you will surely notice many similarities between Michael Weatherly's characters on the two shows, Dr. Jason Bull and Tony DiNozzo.

We Are Family

Both Tony and Bull are close with their team members. Tony forged a sibling-type bond with Abby, McGee, Bishop and Palmer. He also found a mentor and surrogate father in Gibbs. Tony fell in love with Ziva, but their flirty relationship kept everyone guessing until Ziva decided to stay in Israel alone. After Ziva's death, the NCIS team supported Tony and kept him sane while he absorbed the fact that he had a daughter with Ziva that he knew nothing about. 

Bull also has a close relationship with his team. Benny Colon is Bull's former brother-in-law who acts as a defense attorney in the Trial Analysis Corporation's mock trials. They are the best of friends. The TAC team also includes neurolinguistics expert Marissa Morgan, investigator Danny James, stylist Chunk Palmer and computer hacker Cable McCrory. This crew often hangs out at a local bar to play pool and darts together.
Both Are Charming

Both men possess great wit and charm. While Tony often does impressions from his favorite movies and has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of films, Bull is more apt to attract with an unexpected comment or observation. Nothing gets past Bull. This combination of wit and humor certainly explains their success with the female sex, and part of the reason NCIS and Bull are both fun shows to watch. Who doesn't love witty banter?

Smart as a Whip

Both Bull and Tony are smart, but in different ways. Tony has "street smarts," which he honed during his years on the Baltimore police department and as a member of NCIS. Tony sizes up possible suspects in the field and in the interrogation room. Bull, on the other hand, has three PhDs in psychology. Bull's job is to see what makes people tick and analyze the witnesses, jurors and attorneys. Both are intelligent, and able to read people well, which makes them successful in their chosen professions. 

A Compassionate Heart

Although Tony and Bull both come across as tough, they have hearts of gold. Tony repeatedly demonstrated his concern for his team and for the unfortunate victims that he crosses paths with at his job.  

Bull can sometimes appear detached when he is reading people, but he often has compassion for the people that he represents.  After representing the surgeon in a case, Bull offered to help a woman sue the company that manufactured a faulty surgical device that left her unable to have children after a surgery. Of course, both men always show care and respect for their teams. 

Living La Vida Bachelor

Both Tony and Bull are certainly popular with the ladies. Tony never tied the knot, while Bull once said "I do" to Benny's sister. While Bull may be steering clear of the matrimonial alter for the foreseeable future, he isn't exactly pining away with no female companionship. Bull is dating attorney "Texas Diana" Lindsay. Tony dated a lot of women, but his real loves were Jeanne Benoit, and Ziva David, with whom he shares a child. 

Kudos to Michael Weatherly for his spot-on performances in both NCIS and Bull. He does an amazing job of portraying these two complicated, and fascinating, characters. 

How are Tony and Bull alike? Do they have any major traits that are not similar? Who is more connected to their team members? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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