Tony and Jeanne's 6 Best Moments on 'NCIS'
Tony and Jeanne's 6 Best Moments on 'NCIS'
Kartik Chainani
Kartik Chainani
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Tony and Jeanne finally had a reunion on NCIS and it was glorious. Granted, their reunion wasn't under the best of circumstances, but seeing these two back together on-screen was a major fan-pleaser. Jeanne Benoit is now a married woman who comes to Tony when her husband goes missing in "Saviors." In light of this reunion, we've put together Tony and Jeanne's best moments in NCIS.

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When Tony Told Jeanne He Wanted to Take Things Slow

TakeItSlowNCIS.gif In the episode "Twisted Sister," we found out that Tony and Jeanne weren't having sex yet. When Jeanne asks why not, Tony surprisingly tells her that he wants to take things slowly. This was a nice moment because it showed that Tony really wanted to be careful with this relationship so he didn't screw anything up.

Falling Off a Rock to Avoid Saying, "I Love You"

The "L" bomb finally gets dropped and so does Tony. On their rock wall climbing date, Tony is on the verge of telling Jeanne he loves her when he decides that falling off the wall would be easier.

Moving in Together

Living together.jpg This definitely wasn't in Tony's plan. In a not incredibly deep conversation, he awkwardly and without any intention of following through, suggests that the two of them move in together. Much to his surprise, Jeanne actually takes him up on it.

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Meet the Parents

NCIS Jeannes Mom.jpg Tony's encounters with both of Jeanne's parents were a little unorthodox, though her mother wasn't quite as intense. In that encounter, Tony passed the polygraph test to prove to her that he loves her daughter, but wasn't as convincing in his confidence in their relationship.

Rene Benoit NCIS.jpg If that wasn't awkward enough, what about how he met her father? Tony finally comes clean to Jeanne about who he is, and it isn't a movie professor. He confesses that he's an undercover NCIS agent, which only confuses Jeanne. Why would an NCIS agent be after her? It was heartbreaking when he had to let her know it wasn't about her, it was about her father. And so ended the love story between Tony and Jeanne. We thought.

The Lie

Jeanne finds out.png Jeanne returns later in that season, heartbroken by Tony and seeking revenge. She doesn't go about it in the best way and lies to the FBI by saying she saw Tony kill her father. During the interrogation, she finally breaks down and admits it was a lie. Tony then tells her a lie of his own, saying he never loved her. And THERE was the tragic end to their romance.

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Tony Saves Jeanne's Husband

Saving Her Husband NCIS.jpg Jeanne and Tony's paths intertwine once again in season 13 when a group of volunteer doctors go missing in South Sudan, one of whom is Jeanne's new husband. Things are awkward between the two given everything they've been through and having to push it aside to help Jeanne's new love, but it did feel like the two were given closure. Tony recognizes how it isn't just difficult for him, but probably more so for Jeanne. In the end, she thanks him for everything he did for her and her husband, kisses him on the cheek and it feels as if the two can finally move forward from the sticky tail end of their relationship.

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