[WATCH] 'NCIS' Sneak Peek: Abby's Goodbye Begins
[WATCH] 'NCIS' Sneak Peek: Abby's Goodbye Begins
Meredith Jacobs
Meredith Jacobs
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NCIS season 15 episode 21 is the first of the two-part goodbye to Pauley Perrette. In it, Abby is awarded a dinner reservation for two to a brand-new five-star restaurant in an igloo and must decide which coworker deserves to go with her.

As for the case in "One Step Forward," a woman, Sara Carter (guest star Skye P. Marshall) begs Gibbs to investigate her mother's murder. She believes that the local authorities convicted the wrong man.

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Abby's goodbye begins in the "One Step Forward" promo:

See how everyone's dealing with an emergency at the front gate:

While McGee and Bishop are busy fielding calls about the situation at the front gate, Torres is focused on trying to score a reservation at The Cooler, a restaurant where everything is made of ice. (He forwarded his calls to Reeves.) Considering even Oprah can't get in and Reeves hangs up Torres' call with a ball, it doesn't look like he's going to get to go.

What exactly is going on? As Palmer learns when he asks, there was an arrest, and they're waiting on an update from Gibbs.  

Sara tries to convince Gibbs to take her mother's case in this clip:

Sara punched a guard at the Navy Yard Gate, but she'd rather talk about her mother and her service record. She left her kid and ran into a war zone, same as every man she served with; Gibbs adds that he did the same.

Her mother was shot and killed by an intruder in her own house, but the state police let it go unsolved for a year. When Gibbs tells her that getting arrested won't help, she responds that she doesn't need a lecture. She needs him to take the case. Gibbs doesn't like the word "need," but she doesn't back down. She'll camp out at the front gate. She'll find his front door. She needs him to solve this case, for her mother.

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Bishop and Palmer make their cases to be Abby's plus one:

According to the autopsy report, Mae Carter fell onto her stomach when she was shot, but the police report says she was found on her side. Why would the killer have moved her?

Abby's computer then beeps, but not with an answer for the case. She was randomly selected to have dinner for two at The Cooler. Though she wants to give it away to a couple that could use a pick-me-up, it's non-transferable. Reeves says to leave him out of consideration, but Bishop and Palmer both want in.

Abby, however, returns her focus to the case and notes credit card bills all in Sara's name that are past due. She didn't mention that to them. Is she hiding something?

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