Why You Should Have Seen That 'NCIS' Season 14 Finale Cliffhanger Coming
Why You Should Have Seen That 'NCIS' Season 14 Finale Cliffhanger Coming
Meredith Jacobs
Meredith Jacobs
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Gibbs, McGee and Torres headed to Paraguay to rescue a Navy SEAL in the NCIS season 14 finale. However, upon arrival, they discovered that the SEAL was trying to save kids who had been taken by rebels to be trained as child soldiers, and by the end of "Rendezvous," Gibbs and McGee were in quite a bit of trouble.

Here are the moments that hinted at that season finale cliffhanger.

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It Was Time for McGee to "Be a Fantastic Agent"

While Abby was already planning a baby shower for Delilah, McGee protested that maybe she should slow down. But the clock was ticking, she told him, which he knew. "You're going to be a fantastic father," she assured him, getting to the heart of it. But Gibbs interrupted because they had a case, so it was time for McGee to "be a fantastic agent."

There Was a Lot They Didn't Know About the Case

SEAL missions are "need to know," so they didn't know much about Dean, their presumed victim. All they could do was guess why he was in Paraguay, even once they found out from his wife that he was there for his last mission.

They Couldn't Even Confirm Dean Was Their Victim

Ducky didn't have a skull, so they couldn't confirm his identity with dental records. They had to wait for the DNA test.

Torres Wanted to Ensure McGee Would Be Around for His Kid

NCIS 1424 father.jpgThey were just checking out the trailer of a missing SEAL, but Torres still wanted to enter before McGee. "You're going to be a father," he explained. "I never wanted a kid, but if I did, I'd want to see his first soccer game and meet his first girlfriend, alright?" McGee pointed out that he had a gun and 14 years of on-the-job training.

The Gear Found in the Trailer Revealed Two Were Left Behind

Supplies had been prepared for four for whatever mission the SEALs were going on, but what they found suggested only two geared up. It was a bit of foreshadowing for the end of the episode, when four would set out on the rescue mission, but two would be left behind in Paraguay.

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They Had the Information, but They Didn't Quite Put It Together

While going over what they knew about the rebels in Paraguay, McGee mentioned they kidnapped children to turn into soldiers. Also, one of the SEALs had revealed that they only survived their last mission there because a local villager helped them escape. And Bishop suggested that Dean and his fellow SEAL, Hudson, had returned to Paraguay because they were in debt, thinking they went back for money.

As they would later learn once in Paraguay, the son of the local who saved the SEALs was taken by the rebels to be trained as a child soldier. Dean and Hudson had returned to Paraguay to rescue him because they owed him. That was the debt.

The SEAL They Presumed to Be Dead Was Actually Alive

Sure, more than one person could have been involved in the murder, but instead, what that suggested turned out to be true: the hand belonged to a different person than the rest of the remains. Hudson was the one who was dead, while Dean was still alive, in Paraguay, watching the rebels, and missing his hand.

Could Bishop telling Dean's wife he was dead and then actually alive be foreshadowing the team possibly having to tell McGee's wife that he could be dead? With Torres' concerns in the field and McGee acting as an agent and not a father-to-be for the time being, the signs were there.  

Their Window Would Be Small to Get out of Paraguay

After deciding to help Dean rescue the kids from the rebels, they learned the helicopter coming for them would be at the extreme limit of its range and would only be able to stay on the ground for three minutes. That would be cutting it close and increased the likelihood that not everyone would be able to make it onto the chopper.

Gibbs Gave McGee a Chance to Back out, But He Didn't Take It

It was "strictly voluntary," he told his senior field agent. "There's no obligation here," especially with his new responsibilities. "I appreciate that," McGee said, "but don't forget, I'm an NCIS Special Agent."

McGee Had a Choice to Make

NCIS 1424 agent.jpgWhile Gibbs, McGee, Torres and Dean were able to rescue the kids, it didn't go according to plan, and the rebels were shooting at them as they retreated to the helicopter. When everyone else was on board, Gibbs told them to get out of there, and McGee echoed that, telling them to take off before hopping off to help Gibbs. And after he had pointed out his experience and told Gibbs earlier that he was an agent, it wasn't a surprise. The two of them were left behind to face the rebels.

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