Would 'NCIS' Really Kill off Abby?
Would 'NCIS' Really Kill off Abby?
Meredith Jacobs
Meredith Jacobs
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Pauley Perrette is saying goodbye to NCIS and her character, Abby Sciuto, in season 15 episode 22, but is it possible that she'll be leaving in a body bag? It's not looking good for her in the promo for "Two Steps Back."

The latest episode, "One Step Forward," ended with a man mugging Abby and Reeves. Abby tried to offer to help him, too, but he responded, "You think you're better than me? You want to help me? ... You can't." He fired a shot, and Reeves appeared to push Abby into the alley, but we didn't see if anyone was hit.

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However, based on the promo, it looks like Abby was shot and injured badly enough that she's hooked up to a ventilator. (We also see Torres next to a body bag, but if she is dying, it doesn't seem likely she's in it, not with all the shots of her in a hospital bed.)

There is also the description of the episode to consider: "When evidence reveals an NCIS team member is a hitman's latest target, the team must search through old case files to determine who is seeking vengeance."

That suggests that the mugger in episode 21 may not have really been a mugger. It is also possible that the team could just have its hands full, with Abby in the hospital, Reeves possibly injured and this matter involving the hitman, but that doesn't seem likely for Perrette's final episode.

Instead, it sounds like he could have been targeting Abby, and no matter what she or Reeves did, she would have ended up in the hospital. With Reeves pushing Abby aside, her being a target would explain why she was shot since she didn't seem to be in a position to be hurt when the man fired his gun.

Is Abby Dying?

NCIS has killed off characters before when series regulars have left. Kate was killed at the end of season 2 when Sasha Alexander left. When Lauren Holly left, Jenny was killed off. After Cote de Pablo left, Ziva was killed off, off-screen, as part of Tony's exit.

It really doesn't look good for Abby in the promo. She's in the hospital. She's unconscious. She (presumably) can't breathe on her own for at least part of the episode. Everyone looks upset. They could be saying goodbye to her in that hospital room, and she could never wake up.  

It certainly seems like Abby's not going to be leaving that hospital room anytime soon, and it's hard to imagine her final episode ending with her still there, perhaps in a coma (though it is possible, and that would make it possible for her to return in the future.) It wouldn't exactly be a satisfying send-off for the character, the actress or fans, to leave her in that state and then see everyone moving on to cases in the remaining two episodes of the season.

It is possible they think that having Abby leave in a coffin -- when she sleeps in one, as was established early on -- is fitting. That would be morbid. 

What About the 'Two Steps Back' Photos?

CBS has only released a few photos from Abby's last episode. As you can see, McGee, Palmer, Bishop and Torres are in her lab, and Bishop's hugging Abby.

NCIS 1522 1.jpg

NCIS 1522 2.jpg

NCIS 1522 3.jpg

NCIS 1522 4.jpgHow could this scene fit into the episode with Abby in the hospital and in that state? Could there be a time jump that shows her healed and saying goodbye to everyone? Could this just be a dream, a way to have her say goodbye to those she cares about, even if she never wakes up and does die?

Killing off Abby Would Be a Mistake

Saying goodbye to Abby in such a permanent way would certainly be heartbreaking and probably make for a very emotional hour that could go down as one of the season's (and perhaps series') best. However, that doesn't mean that NCIS should do that, not when there are other ways to write her out.

Perrette and her character (and the fans who have been watching her since the beginning) deserve better than that. If anyone should make it out of this agency alive, it's Abby, after everything she's done to help people. She shouldn't be killed off trying to do just that -- she wanted to help the man beyond just giving him her bag -- whether he was a simple mugger or there was more to that encounter on the street.

Just because Perrette's leaving doesn't mean that the door should be closed permanently on a guest appearance in the future (or even just an update, like we've gotten about Tony.) The series has already been renewed for season 16, and it's still a hit for CBS, so having that be a possibility is the right move.

Plus, Abby has connections across the franchise, both on NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans, and while the shows don't make it a habit to refer to one another (outside of rare crossovers), killing her off would be something they should address.

Do you think Abby is going to die in her last episode? If not, how do you think she'll be written out? Take the poll and head to the comments with your thoughts.

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