Who Will Break the Final Curse on 'Once Upon a Time'?
Who Will Break the Final Curse on 'Once Upon a Time'?
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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Though it might not seem it, based on all the storylines still left hanging, Once Upon a Time is approaching its endgame. Less than a handful of episodes remain, not only until the end of the season, but the series. 

Yet in the episode "Flower Child," Once Upon a Time served up a huge twist. Although Henry and Jacinda now believe that they're Prince Henry and Cinderella and kissed, the curse of Hyperion Heights isn't broken. Someone or something still needs to happen and the clues might already be out there.

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Henry and Jacinda being the key to breaking the curse seemed obvious. The curse was cast specifically to save Henry's life. Everyone, including the characters themselves, was under the impression that it would be their true love that broke the curse. Yet that doesn't seem to be the case.

Once Upon a Time could still do something underwhelming like revealing that Henry and Jacinda didn't break the curse because they still don't believe the curse is real. Even though "Flower Child" did everything possible for the two to reasonably believe the truth, Jacinda or Henry could still be hesitant. There could also be some other kind of convoluted magical McGuffin in play. However, it's more likely, and more satisfying, if the characters who will break the curse aren't Henry and Jacinda at all. 


This one is a bit tricky as Regina is awake and has been for some time. If Regina needed to do anything to break the curse she'd probably have already done it. Even if it involves Henry, she'll probably do it as soon as she receives word he's cured. It would be anticlimactic for Once Upon a Time to do this big rush up to Henry and Jacinda kissing, only to immediately go back on it. 

However, Henry realizing he needs to share a different kind of true love's kiss, with his mother, does make more sense. Regina cast the curse because of her motherly love for Henry. She did it to save him even though it would hurt everyone else. It's really been Henry and Regina's relationship that has been the crux of the new season. In addition, even though Henry believes he loves Jacinda, he doesn't seem as positive about Regina/Roni being his mother. Henry just thinks its odd that a photo exists of "Roni" and him, at age 8. That's a long way from believing she raised him from birth. 

Still, it seems like Once Upon a Time is preparing to branch out from the immediate Mills family. 


There's another solid parent-child option for breaking the curse though. It's a relationship that has even eclipsed Henry and Regina, especially in the most recent episodes. Hook and Alice are easily two of everyone's favorite "new" characters on Once Upon a Time. The chemistry between the two actors is magnificent. The story of them as a tragically separated father and daughter is just heartbreaking too. 

At of the end of "Flower Child," Tilly and Rogers know the truth. While Tilly seems to believe she's Alice, Rogers doesn't seem as sure about being Hook. The rest of Once Upon a Time season 7 could be about Hook finally coming to terms with the truth and being reunited with his daughter. There has to be a reason Once Upon a Time has dragged out Rogers being awakened for so long and a emotional reunion with his daughter would fit the bill. 

However, Hook/Rogers isn't the only important person in Alice's life. 


The longer that Once Upon a Time's new and final season goes along, the more that Alice comes to the spotlight. Alice is the Guardian, Alice is integral to whatever Gothel is planning and Alice is a downright delightful person and character. It would only be right if Alice is part of the reason the curse is broken. If Alice doesn't break the curse with her father, she could break it with her own true love, Robin.

Alice is coming around to the truth, having always been vaguely aware of it even while cursed. Meanwhile, Robin, otherwise known as Margot, is completely oblivious. The rest of the season could be about Margot, not Rogers, learning the truth about herself. All of it would culminate in one big true love's kiss with Alice, which would be the pair's first on-screen kiss. On the other hand, it might even be a relatively easy to thing to convince Robin of the truth. Instead, the big struggle will be Robin and the gang finding Alice and rescuing her from Gothel.

Regardless, Robin and Alice breaking the curse and being the saviors of the day is about the best possible ending for Once Upon a Time season 7. Unlike the romance between Cinderella and Henry, which has been adequate but not spectacular, Robin and Alice just sparkle together. 

Their relationship has similar beats and themes of some of the best Once Upon a Time couples. There are twinges of the early days of Charming and Snow in them as well the intensity between Emma and Hook. Alice and Robin are the perfect couple to end the series. The two are so much fun to watch together, it's almost worth the incredibly long time it took Once Upon a Time to have a LGBT love story in the forefront. Robin and Alice breaking the curse would be the perfect storybook ending to their storybook romance. 

But what do you think? Who do you think is going to break the curse? Who do you want to break the curse? Which characters would be the most satisfying to break the curse? How long do you think it will take to break the curse in the final season?

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