Did the 'Pretty Little Liars' Writers Fail the Liars' Relationships?
Did the 'Pretty Little Liars' Writers Fail the Liars' Relationships?
Jay Ruymann
Jay Ruymann
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The flash-forward in Pretty Little Liars season 6 introduced us to the girls five years in the future, and each has had her fair share of baggage to get rid of in the episodes since. Not only that, but each girl was in a different relationship (or none at all), and their past flames were re-introduced as well with new love interests (e.g. Yvonne and Toby.) It wasn't until the second half of season 7 that the writers realizing they were running out of time to reunite the pairs, and now every interaction seems rushed. Did the writers fail the relationships?

Alison and Emily

The writers have probably failed this couple the most of them all. Alison and Emily are together now, or so it seems, but at what cost? The only thing that drove them together in such a brief time is the baby. Even excluding all of the emotional abuse and manipulation Alison has caused Emily over the last seven seasons, which they should be working through in order to pursue a romantic relationship, it still wouldn't make sense for these two to be together just because of the baby.

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Paige and Emily made more sense because at least they had a past, and an entire relationship didn't need to be explored in the final four episodes of the series. Alison and Emily only got together because A.D. forcefully impregnated Alison while Rollins had her drugged and unconscious at Welby, with Emily's eggs.

Would the two have gotten together otherwise? No, because it wouldn't make sense. Nothing was explored prior to this, other than the fact Alison always uses Emily's feelings for her to manipulate her into staying. Now they're bringing a baby into this world together and becoming a family, because there was no other way for the two to be together in time for the series' end.

Spencer and Toby

Perhaps even more disappointing for fans is this relationship. Is Spencer going to get a happy ending with the guy she's basically been with since season 1? It doesn't look that way.

Unless the writers are using the flash-forward between the last two episodes to magically reunite Spoby, it looks to be over. The two haven't even shared a scene since Toby married Yvonne on her death bed, and Spencer has been seeing Detective Furey romantically this season.

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Even if they were to be together, would it be right? It cheapens their reunion knowing Toby chose Yvonne, and the only reason he'd be with Spencer is because Yvonne died. Spencer wouldn't be his first choice, and she deserves to be someone's first choice after all these years.

Hanna and Caleb

These two, I am 90% sure, are going to be the other couple to get engaged/married this season. While their relationship has always been enviable, the writers really screwed them up in order to get them to be together again.

Hanna was engaged to Jordan, and she seemed to be happy, but as soon as she and Caleb were in a room together, they kissed. Now, this is after Hanna gave her permission to Spencer to pursue a relationship with Caleb, and Spencer fell in love with Caleb. In return, he cheated on her with her best friend and broke her heart because she was never really going to have a chance as long as Hanna was in the picture.

This almost ruined Hanna and Spencer's friendship, and that was the cost for the writers uniting the two again. It turned two of the characters we've known so long into cheaters, and left one girl out in the cold, which is why Spencer is in the trouble she's in now. While it's great these two are most likely getting their happy ending, was it worth it, and was it the right way for the writers to go about it?

Ezra and Aria

Don't forget Nicole. Oh wait, how can we? The entirety of Ezria's reunion and engagement has been overshadowed by Nicole's death and then sudden reappearance. Season 7b has focused so much on Nicole, it doesn't seem like Ezra and Aria have earned their engagement anymore.

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There's so much left to be said about Ezra's feelings for the two women, and he hasn't really explored that. He's just decided to be with Aria, because that's what he feels he should do, but every weekend he's jetting off to New York to be with Nicole and help her recover. It makes him a good guy, but simultaneously ruins his relationship with Aria.

Their wedding plans have been put on hold to the point where they aren't even making plans anymore. Everything is on hold. Why did the writers wait until the last ten episodes to re-introduce Nicole? Why couldn't this have been the story in 7a when Ezra and Aria were just finding their way back to each other? It's too big of a story to be wrapped up so quickly, and the writers have gone about it all wrong, just as they have with every other relationship.

What do you think? Are you happy with how the couples have been united or reunited so far? Do you have any problems with the story? Let us know in the comments below!

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