Is It Too Soon for Jason to Get a New Love Interest on 'SEAL Team'?
Is It Too Soon for Jason to Get a New Love Interest on 'SEAL Team'?
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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It feels like only yesterday that SEAL Team showed Jason attempting to make amends with Alana. Just before deployment he decided he wanted to return home. However, Alana realized that things weren't going to be better if he did and she made it clear she wanted a divorce. This only happened as Jason left early for deployment, so is this really an appropriate time for him to find a new love interest?

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Jason Won't Be over His Marriage

The whole question of a love interest comes from a recent snippet from TV Line. David Boreanaz has stated that his character Jason will get a new love interest on deployment. Being on deployment is a little like being in Las Vegas. What happens there, stays there. Things that wouldn't usually be allowed are overlooked while in the middle of a war zone. With that in mind, it's understandable why Jason would accept a potential new love interest.

However, it is still a little early. He wanted to get back with Alana only two episodes ago, which is just a few weeks in the SEAL Team timeline. In fact, the deployment was pulled forward to days after Alana told Jason she wanted a divorce. Assuming the show returns just days or a weeks later, Jason hasn't given himself time to accept that his marriage to his childhood sweetheart is over.

Of course, while there's a mention of a love interest, this could be just a one-night thing -- a rebound relationship. It's not too early for a rebound.

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The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants

Timing is a funny thing. While it may seem strange to us as fans that Jason would move on so quickly, we're not that character. SEAL Team has already shown that he bottles things up and tries to ignore his feelings as much as possible. As the leader of the team, he doesn't get to share his feelings or thoughts with people.

The show has already rushed through the loss of one of his teammates (his supposed best friend.) After opening with Jason going through mandatory counseling and clearly having something to discuss, his mental state hasn't been addressed since. The show isn't afraid to move storylines along quickly to avoid people getting bored.

With this in mind, it might not be that soon for Jason to get a new love interest. Plus, it's not like fans have seen him with Alana properly to get a sense of their marriage and their connection. They've been separated from the start and slowly growing apart, so he may be ready to move on more than he (and the audience) initially thinks.

If it was a rebound relationship, there's a chance that it could slowly become something more serious. On deployment he could spend a lot of time with a new love interest, slowing going from friendship to partnership by the end of the season.

What do you think? Are you ready to see Jason get a new love interest? Should this just be a rebound or is it time for him to find a more serious relationship? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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