How Long Can 'Shadowhunters' Drag out Valentine's Story?
How Long Can 'Shadowhunters' Drag out Valentine's Story?
Jay Ruymann
Jay Ruymann
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Valentine Morgenstern, Clary's father, has clearly been the Big Bad villain of Shadowhunters since the series' inception. After all, he's the villain throughout all six of the Mortal Instruments books, which the series is based on, but television is different. How long can the series actually drag on Valentine's villain arc before it grows stale, or starts to leave a sour taste in viewers' mouths like Pretty Little Liars did? If the series were to wrap Valentine's story up earlier than the series finale, where would they go from there?

Valentine and Sebastian

Valentine's story can only go on for so long. Unless Shadowhunters is thinking about going down a similar path to fellow Freeform hit, Pretty Little Liars, and having the torch passed from villain to villain with the same mission, there's only so long that Valentine can realistically go on.

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If it's anything like the books, (warning: spoiler alert) Sebastian (Valentine's son) could take over his father's mission if his demise was ever presented. They both stand for the same thing, but Sebastian is quite crazy and demonically driven, so he could prove to be an even larger threat than his father.

Keeping the theme of family villains going could be the series' strong suit, especially if they twisted away from the books again and presented a new threat from either Jace or Alec and Isabelle's families as part of a larger, more threatening plot.

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Other Stories

If Valentine and Sebastian are shut down, and the destroy-all-downworlders plot is gone, the series still has other paths it could go down to move the story further. For example, greater demons are a huge threat in the shadowhunter world, and they could introduce one as a Big Bad per half season and work somewhat like Teen Wolf story-wise.

Or other similar threats could be introduced, from the shadowhunter world. Surely there's more that oppose the leaders in Idris, and it could be interesting to see an uprising of sorts in regards to the treatment of downworlders and everyone else, frankly, in this world.

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Shadowhunters could go down many paths without Valentine, but what would you be most interested in watching? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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