Best 'Supernatural' Quotes from 'Good Intentions'
Best 'Supernatural' Quotes from 'Good Intentions'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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"Good Intentions" is your standard episode of Supernatural, filled with magical shadow puppets, ancient Biblical brothers in loincloths and a soulless man going mad after reading a Demon Tablet. OK, maybe there's no such thing as a standard episode of Supernatural.

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This episode helped to set up the endgame of the season, including a new mission for Jack in Apocalypse World and a scavenger hunt for Sam and Dean in the real world as they discover the four ingredients they need to open a portal.

The episode also helped to establish some internal conflict for the rest of season 13 and for once, it's not between Sam and Dean. Instead, it's between the Winchesters and Cas, who made a bold decision to essentially sacrifice one of their pals in order to save the world.

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Still, this episode had some great lines thanks to Dean's love of bacon, the return of Bobby Singer and a healthy debate on whether Dean or Cas is prettier. I'll leave that for you to decide. Here are my favorite quotes from this episode of Supernatural.

"If bacon's what kills me, then I win."
-Dean to Sam

"I wanted you to see the natural world before it was spoiled. Humans have good intentions, but they never truly appreciated the gift they were given. Left to their own devices, humans would destroy everything."
-Zachariah posing as Cas to Jack

Gog (about Dean and Cas): "Which shall we kill first?"
Magog: "I will kill the pretty one."
Gog: "They are equally pretty."

Cas (about Gog): "He isn't human. He appears to be a primitive beast formed of rock and sand."
Dean: "That's a thing?"

"I thought you were a damn ghost. But it turns out you're just from a whole other world, which is weirder when you think about it."
-Apocalypse World's Bobby to Mary

"Mary Campbell was a complicated woman. Brave, but sad. Full of regret."
-Bobby to Mary

"I'm sorry, but I'm not going to let you or anyone hurt the people I love. Not again."
-Cas to Donatello

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Do you agree with Magog that Dean and Cas are equally pretty or is one prettier than the other?

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