Is 'Supernatural' Building to the Return of God ... Again?
Is 'Supernatural' Building to the Return of God ... Again?
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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Although Sam and Dean might've gotten the blood of a most holy man in the episode "A Most Holy Man," they're not that much closer to reuniting with their mother and Jack or defeating the new Michael on Supernatural. It's not that surprising then that "A Most Holy Man" had a lot of discussion about God and his ability (but unwillingness) to wave a hand and solve all problems. The use of God on Supernatural has been wisely sparse but it's always important when he does occur. Given the dire nature of season 13's problems, it seems like Supernatural is setting up another reappearance from the Big G.

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Gone but Not Forgotten

The discussion of God in "A Most Holy Man" was sparked by more than the odds that Sam and Dean are up against. The brothers ran into the episode's namesake, a priest named Father Lucca Camilleri, who could easily become a part of Supernatural's band of minor recurring characters. Father Camilleri explained to Dean, in a terrific scene, his own beliefs on how God works in the world. In the priest's view, good people ultimately win over the bad and God always provides.

Dean scoffed at the idea but it was a viewpoint that was seemingly confirmed by the episode's end. During the (ridiculous) final gun fight of "A Most Holy Man" the priest prayed to God for protection and he received it. The only people who survived the fatal battle were Sam, Dean and the priest. The latter only received a small bullet grazing as an injury too. It's easy to look at that "miracle" as a coincidence but on Supernatural, being Supernatural, it can also be viewed as an example of divine intervention. 

It's important to remember that despite Dean's assertions in "A Most Holy Man," God isn't completely gone. God was last seen in season 11, when he disappeared in a column of heavenly light with his sister, Amara. God did leave protection of Earth in Sam and Dean's hands. However, that's not the same as abandoning Earth altogether. 

Supernatural's God is a neglectful father but he's not uncaring. God has interfered when he deems the situation worthy enough of his attention. Supernatural does appear to be reaching that point. 

A Divine Helping Hand 

The last time that God was so involved in the story (before season 11's stint) was back in the original apocalypse when "our" Michael tried to take over. Now Supernatural is not only dealing with an alternate version of Michael getting ready to take over the world, but Lucifer trying to reign in his son, a new King of Hell and (yet another) Angel war. If any situation requires God's attention its the (literal) unholy mess that's brewing in season 13. 

In addition, Supernatural has been dropping a lot of references to God and his existence in recent episodes. There's not only everything that happened in "A Most Holy Man," but Dean also made a desperate prayer to God in the season 13 premiere. In between those two moments, there's been a peppering of hints about God and his existence. Whether it's Lucifer dropping God by name or Sam feeling hopeless that there's a real plan or organization to the universe, all of it is really dancing around God coming back. While it's possible these references are just references, it's even more likely they're building to a return.   

Supernatural doesn't really need God to be involved. As great as Rob Benedict is in the role, God really can be a little much of a get-out-of-jail-free card for Sam and Dean. It's more satisfying to see the Winchesters and their allies take on their impossible problems on their own. Yet if Supernatural is preparing for another appearance by God, it's something the brothers (and the audience) shouldn't turn down. 

But what do you think? Are the references to God building to his return? Do you think God should come back? How would he help Sam and Dean? 

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