'Supernatural' Episode 13.18 Photos: Will Sam Learn How and Why Gabriel Is Back?
'Supernatural' Episode 13.18 Photos: Will Sam Learn How and Why Gabriel Is Back?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Supernatural is heading into the home stretch of season 13 and there are still many different plots to wrap up. In the next new episode, "Bring 'em Back Alive," there seem to be three major storylines at work.

In one, Sam and Castiel team up in the Bunker to try to figure out how and why Gabriel is still alive. With Dean in another world, this is a good opportunity for Sam and Cas to get some quality time together.

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In the second storyline, we'll see the return of Lucifer and his right-hand woman Sister Jo (aka Amael) as they try to rule over Heaven. However, it seems like everything isn't running as smoothly as they'd like. Wow, it's hard to imagine that Heaven being run by the Devil isn't a perfect situation.

Finally, the 18th episode will also feature Dean and Ketch's mission to Apocalypse World as they try to find and rescue Mary and Jack. These are three very different plot threads, but they all have the potential to build up into something huge for the endgame of season 13.

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Check out these photos from the episode, plus the trailer.

The Wounded Gabriel

SN1318a_0019bc.jpgSam Talks to Gabriel

SN1318a_0087b.jpgCan Cas Find Out How and Why Gabriel Is Back?

SN1318a_0120b.jpgRed Light in the Bunker

SN1318a_0312b.jpgLucifer, the New King of Heaven

SN1318B_0070b.jpgSister Jo, aka Amael

SN1318B_0038b.jpgLucifer and Amael

SN1318B_0231bc.jpgDean and Ketch in Apocalypse World

SN1318C_0184bc.jpgWill They Find and Rescue Mary and Jack?


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