'Survivor: Game Changers' Finale Prediction: Who Will Win Season 34?
'Survivor: Game Changers' Finale Prediction: Who Will Win Season 34?
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
After so, so many wild moments and priceless Tribal Councils, Survivor: Game Changers is ending. It's been an impressive season, and while it personally might not break the top five Survivor seasons, it ranks up there as one of the strongest years of the long-running competition series.

So much of a Survivor season does rely on its winner, though, as a total dud of a victor can leave a very sour taste in a viewer's mouth and vice versa. Survivor: Game Changers has a few deserving winners left as it heads into its finale, but it has equally as many contestants who should get nowhere near the prize money. So without further ado, it's time to make some finale predictions.

Who Will Not Win?

As highlighted during the first Tribal Council of the penultimate episode of Game Changers, the winner is really determined by what kind of jury will be voting. Though Sarah, who has, interestingly, probably screwed over the most players, was confident that the jury would reward the best gameplay, Aubry maintained that personal relationships should always count in the game. It's two very different philosophies, and depending on which lady is right, it could determine who wins the game. There are still a couple Survivor players who don't have much of a shot no matter what the jury's philosophy is. 

Tai and Troyzan, despite having all the Hidden Immunity Idols and the chance to flip the game entirely on its head, don't have much of a shot at winning Game Changers. I think the chances are good that one or both, especially Troyzan, might make it to the final Tribal Council, but they just won't get many, or any, votes. Tai and Troyzan have played the game too much in the background to come up with a convincing winning argument. Their only hope is being up against a similar fringe player like Aubry. Even then, Aubry can make a much more convincing case for herself to win the game.

Sadly, since she is a personal favorite, Aubry doesn't have much of a chance to win either. She is a good player who has been handed a very bad hand, and it is so unlikely that she'll be able to turn it into a winning one. Aubry has almost always been on the wrong side of the big moves, and if she gets to the end, she'll have nothing on her resume other than the fact that she got to the end. 

Who Might Win?

If Cirie somehow recovers from the awful Tribal Council where she tried to oust Tai and call Sarah a rat -- both efforts blowing up in her face -- she should win. Cirie surviving to the final Tribal after being so harshly exposed would be nothing short of a miracle. This feat alone is worthy of a win. While Game Changers probably hasn't been Cirie's best season on the show, she is a legend too and just might be rewarded a win for all her previous Survivor scheming. There is precedent, like Boston Rob winning in the terribly disappointing Survivor: Redemption Island. Sarah so masterfully exposed Cirie, though, that any shot of the true Survivor all-star reaching the final Tribal Council is incredibly slim.

Who Will Win?

Ultimately, it will come down to a battle between Brad Culpepper and Sarah Lacina. If one of them is at the final Tribal and the other is not, their win is almost assured. The most likely option, though, is that they will end up sitting there together and it will all be up to the jury. At that point, it will be about determining if Sarah or Aubry was right about the jury's tendencies and things can swing either way. Brad has so many friends on the jury and has survived way longer than he should have been able to make it, but Sarah has never once slowed down his gameplay. Since the merge, Sarah has been constantly on the move, making big plays and stabbing so many people in the back. She has played a very aggressive game, but it could be argued that Brad has played the smarter game.

Looking at the jury and their history, it might be easy to guess where things will fall. Andrea, Zeke, Hali, Ozzy and Cirie (if she is there) will likely all vote for the more aggressive player in Sarah. While that should give Sarah the advantage, there are more than a few wild cards. It has always been unfathomable to guess what Debbie is planning, and her jury vote will be no different. Michaela is too emotional to firmly tie down a vote too. Then there is how many of Brad's allies will be on the jury at the time of the vote. Troyzan will likely vote for him, but Tai and Aubry are also options depending on where the chips falls. Still, the only person on the jury who is firmly voting for Brad is Sierra. 

It might be close, depending on who among the final six contestants ends up on the jury, but the smart money is on Sarah winning Survivor: Game Changers.

What do you think? Who do you predict will win this season? Is Sarah the most likely winner? Is she the most deserving winner? Will it come down to a battle between Brad and Sarah? Who has played the better game between the two? Who do you want to win season 34? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

The Survivor: Game Changers finale airs Wednesday, May 24 at 8/7c on CBS. Want more news? Like our Survivor Facebook page.

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