'Survivor: Game Changers' Recap: Two More People Join the Jury
'Survivor: Game Changers' Recap: Two More People Join the Jury
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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It's the last episode of Survivor: Game Changers before the finale. So what that means is a double boot episode! Two immunity challenges, two Tribal Councils, and two people who will fall just short of redemption. Let's see how it plays out in "Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow."

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Andrea, Cirie and Aubry talk about how it was a weird Tribal Council, despite Sierra going home, which is what they wanted to happen. They thought Sarah's actions were very telling, like she was playing both sides.

Sarah feels accomplished though. Sierra did will her the Legacy Advantage, which is immunity when they're down to six. Plus she has a vote steal in her pocket. Her next target is Andrea.

First Immunity Challenge

It's a house of cards challenge! The survivors have to use one hand to steady a balancing board, and build a house of cards with the other hand. First person to build their tower to the red line wins immunity.

It's Aubry and Andrea neck-and-neck until Andrea drops her cards. There's no one close to Aubry, but she doesn't have enough cards to get to the top. She has to undo some of her levels and go back and re-build. And she does it. She manages to break Cochran's previous record for this challenge (17 minutes) by finishing in only six minutes! Go Aubry!

Aubry says it feels good to win immunity and she thinks she can see things a little more clearly now knowing she's safe. The majority group immediately agrees to vote for Brad.

Of course nothing is that simple. Andrea is pushing both Aubry and Cirie hard to get rid of Sarah, but neither one of them are biting.

Cirie does see how hard Andrea's playing though. She tells Sarah that now might be the time to let her go. The only question is if it's the right time. She is one of their numbers now, and it might be better to get rid of someone from the minority.

Meanwhile, Michaela is only concerned about where her next meal is coming from. She tries to tell Brad to go fishing for them before they vote him off. She's not very delicate about it, because, well, it's Michaela. Brad doesn't appreciate her trying to "blackmail" him because he's next to go. That's not a good look for Michaela to act like that to someone who she's potentially sending to the jury.

First Tribal Council

Aubry says that unlike in previous Tribal Councils, there's a solid alliance. Sarah says they have support in numbers and they shouldn't mess with it.

Of course Troyzan and Brad try to encourage the majority to pull them over and use them as votes to make a good move. Aubry says it's a good argument, but there's still a lot of game left to play and a lot of unpredictable things could happen. So it's best to play it safe.

The question comes up if you can possibly blindside someone and still expect the jury to reward you for it. Sarah says she expects Game Changers to reward game play and not just vote for their friends. She says that's how she voted when she was on the jury.

Andrea says there should be a happy balance of blindsides and relationships.

To the Vote!

Brad and votes for Andrea and Andrea and Aubry vote for Brad. The rest of the votes come in for Andrea. A major threat is eliminated from the game.

Back at camp, Aubry bemoans the fact her whole Survivor career consists of really high highs and really low lows. She was at a high winning immunity, then low when her closest ally was blindsided. But her old buddy Tai is there to comfort her.

Cirie notices how close the two seem. She's worried they might be a pair (even though they haven't voted together at all this season) and a big threat. She knows Tai can be a threat with his social connections and she can't quite trust Aubry, so one of them might have to go next.

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Second Immunity Challenge

For immunity, the contestants have to stand on a post and lower a water bucket with holes to fill a chute. The chute releases a key then they have to take the key back to shore to unlock blocks and put together a puzzle. First one done wins.

Michaela is the first one off her post, followed shortly by the rest of the gang. But Cirie has some trouble. When she finally releases her key, she's scared to jump off the post into the water. With a little encouragement from Jeff, she manages to gather the courage to do it.

Michaela and Brad are close in the race to finish the puzzle, but when Michaela thinks she's done, she has one piece wrong. Brad doesn't make the same mistake. His puzzle is right and he wins immunity for the second time.

After his win, he really makes a scene peacocking around the beach, swearing and throwing sand. He tells them to pick on somebody else. It's very Troyzan-like in the "This is my island" era.

Who Has the Advantage?

Troyzan bringing his idol to Tribal because he knows he's on the bottom.

Tai and Aubry talk about how they both feel like they need to make a big move to prove themselves to the jury. Tai suggests targeting Sarah. She's the one who has been playing the hardest and who the jury is probably most impressed with.

Aubry reports Tai's remarks to Cirie. Cirie tells Sarah that Tai is gunning for her, but Sarah doesn't believe it. She says she trusts Tai way more than she trusts Aubry. And to gain Cirie's loyalty, she offers to hand Cirie her advantage to hold on to. That way, if everything goes her way, Cirie can give the advantage back to Sarah after the vote. And if she's voted out, Cirie gets to keep it.

But Cirie is an old school player with an advantage in her hand so she wants to play it. She wants to use Sarah's advantage to steal Sarah's own vote! Only Cirie would think of something so cunning.

The catch? She has to trick Tai into thinking he's safe so he doesn't play an idol. She appeals to his emotions when she talks to him. Smart, considering Tai is made up of 98 percent emotions. She tells them she's taking a big risk, but she's going to play the vote steal advantage in order to save him.

Now Tai is really confused. But he can't see why Cirie would make up such an insane lie. Either way, he's bringing both of his idols to Tribal.

Second Tribal Council

Sarah says there's been a lot of sneaking around at camp and a lot of lies being told. Cirie says that tonight's vote will prove where the deception is coming from.

Michaela says that not a lot of people are lying, but there a couple of rats responsible for all of it. Tai says it's in his nature to give people the benefit of the doubt, but it's hard to know who to trust.

Before the vote, Cirie makes a big speech about exposing the liars, and the person who is still there the next morning will thank her. So she's playing Sarah's vote steal, and she's stealing Sarah's vote.

But wait! Sarah says that's her advantage and it says in the rules that it's non-transferable. Jeff forces Cirie to read the rules aloud, and Sarah's right, Cirie cannot play the advantage.

So it becomes mass chaos at Tribal. Sarah gets up to whisper to Tai. Cirie tries to explain herself to Sarah. Troyzan tries to eavesdrop, but Michaela tells him to go away.

Sarah announces that she's going to use her advantage instead. I suppose you can't put the toothpaste back in the tube and now it's been exposed. She steals Tai's vote.

Finally they go to the vote, and no one plays an idol.

To the Vote!

Michaela and Aubry vote for Tai, but the rest of the votes come in for Michaela. Well that was an unexpected turn of events. And Cirie might have over-maneuvered herself into another spot on the jury.

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