Why Sarah Deserves to Win 'Survivor: Game Changers'
Why Sarah Deserves to Win 'Survivor: Game Changers'
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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Survivor: Game Changers has been an incredibly exciting and unpredictable season of the long-running show. The Tribal Councils alone have been some of the craziest that have existed in the show's history after being on air for almost two decades. It is because of that wild nature though that the season has lacked a bit of cohesion. Contestants have sort of gone in and out of the spotlight, making it hard to root for any one person, except for one. For a long time on Survivor: Game Changers Sarah has been on top and regardless of how the upcoming finale shakes out, Sarah deserves to win this emotional roller coaster of a season.

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From Zero to Hero Winner ... Maybe

For an all-stars season, Game Changers has seen most of the season's biggest personalities eliminated very early. As a result, the castaways who have made it to the finale, for the most part, hadn't exactly earned their title of game changers before the season aired. The elimination of the biggest personalities early on (Sandra, Malcolm, Tony, etc.) caused the remaining cast to rise to the fill the void. While bonafide Survivor legend Cirie is still around, everyone else, excluding maybe Aubry, are castaways who didn't have the most stellar first runs at the title of Sole Survivor. Sarah was among that illustrious group but she has risen to the cream of the crop in Game Changers

Sarah has used her lack of reputation to her advantage. In her original season Sarah was used and abused by eventual winner Tony. Sarah was the ultimate Survivor victim in Cagayan. In Game Changers she has employed a similar strategy, getting close to the people in power but she hasn't let herself get blindsided. The power dynamics are constantly shifting on Game Changers yet Sarah has almost always found herself on the right side. So much of Survivor is making the right moves at the right time and Sarah has more than proved her ability to make those moves. Sarah hasn't just positioned herself on the right side but she has created a strong resume that no one else on Game Changers can match now. 

The Sole Manipulator 

The perfect example of why Sarah deserves to win Game Changers might have come in the most recent and penultimate episode of the season. There seemingly wasn't an ulterior motive in Sarah giving Cirie her vote steal advantage. Sarah didn't expect Cirie to try to use it against her but Sarah also knew that Cirie couldn't use it against her. This moment illustrates Sarah's gameplay so well because she has made risky, big moves but she has always been able to cover herself and keep moving. 

Sarah flipped on her majority alliance when she knew she was at the bottom. She played Sierra like a fiddle and stole her Legacy Advantage from her. While the edit on Game Changers made it seem like Cirie was more responsible for Andrea's ousting than Sarah, Sarah did play an integral part in making that happen. Even the one move post-merge that Sarah didn't approve of, getting rid of Zeke, ended up benefitting her because it made Andrea a huge target and took all the heat off of Sarah for flipping. 

Sarah has positioned herself in such a way that she is in control but hiding behind big threats. Sarah hasn't been anyone's target except by those castaways who everyone wants to target. Sarah is playing a masterful game of human shield and that's the best way to move forward in this season where the biggest threats go home the quickest. 

If Sarah manages to make it to the finale, which is a real possibility, there is no one that should stand in her way with the jury. If Cirie somehow survives her latest humiliation that will be incredible but Sarah still made Cirie look like an idiot in front of the entire jury and remaining cast. Aubry has had the worst luck this season and has nothing but an Individual Immunity to claim as a personal victory. Tai and Troyzan just kind of exist like logs on the beach. Brad Culpepper is maybe Sarah's biggest threat as he has played a good game, surviving for a very long time when he should have been eliminated. Sarah is playing a great game, though, not just a good game. Brad has been surviving by the skin of his teeth, Sarah has been thriving on Game Changers

Who do you think is the most deserving winner for this season? Who would you like to see win? Who do you think should win? Has Sarah been playing the most impressive game? Is there someone else doing a better job? Give your winner pick in the comments below!

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