'S.W.A.T.' Recap: Can Hondo and the Team Stop a Prison Riot?
'S.W.A.T.' Recap: Can Hondo and the Team Stop a Prison Riot?
Robin Lempel
Robin Lempel
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S.W.A.T.'s "Seizure" begins with an insane prison riot. Three gangs have taken over three sections of the prison. They have keys to all the cells and the armory. Guards are locked up and one of the gang leaders, Gunnar, actually stabs a nun and takes the warden hostage.

Of course, Hondo and the gang are already on their way. The prison owner tells them that the white pride prisoners started the riot and the other two gangs took over when the guards were preoccupied with the first gang. When they go over who the hostages are, though, Hondo recognizes the nun. Now this is personal. Just then, they find a live video feed of Gunnar and the warden. The warden holds up a sign, and then Gunnar kills him. The sign says more will die.

Annie Are You Okay?

Meanwhile, Deacon's wife Annie comes to the precinct with a cake because it's the 10-year anniversary for when Deacon made S.W.A.T. She tells Hicks that Deacon didn't have the best year. Hicks tells her that Deacon's off on a mission, but Annie says it's okay. Annie says that Hicks' wife, who died a few years ago, taught her how to be a cop's wife.

Hicks starts to help Annie set up the party, but he gets a call about the mission. He tells Annie that he has to go, but she starts to mix up her words and freaks out. It seems like she's having a stroke!

Hicks winds up calling Jessica during the mission to say Annie just had what looks like a stroke and might not make it. They need to get Deacon out of there.

Deacon's busy, though, so Hicks waits for Annie. The doctor reveals that Annie didn't have a stroke. She has a tumor and they have to drill a hole into her brain. She can wait, but not long, so Deacon needs to get there fast.

Will Hondo and Luca Save the Nun?

Hondo knows that Gunnar wouldn't kill the warden for no reason. He's up to something. So Hondo decides he and his team will go in. They're splitting up into three teams of two to go after the three gangs.

Hondo and Luca immediately scale the wall to go after Gunnar. They get in, and then the owner turns off the power so the team can be stealthier. Soon, all three pairs are inside. Mumford's team is still busy on another mission, but Hicks swears he'll get them there.

Meanwhile, the nun who is still bleeding out is trying to calm people down and saying everything is going to be all right. An inmate comes in, though, and whispers something to Gunnar. Then Gunnar tells the nun he's going to kill her soon.

Hondo and Luca get into the room, but a huge fight breaks out. Hondo and Luca get some of the inmates, but Gunnar gets away with some of the other inmates and the nun. Now he knows that they're there.

One of the inmates Hondo and Luca caught swears he was trying to help the nun because she saved him. He's even started to burn off his old white supremacist tattoos. They ask him what Gunnar's up to, but he doesn't know.

Hondo and Luca then search through Gunnar's cell and Hondo finds a note in some sort of code. Hondo thinks that the inmate that talked to them before can help them. Luca doesn't want to trust a white supremacist criminal, but Hondo says if the nun believes in him, so can they. Just then, Jessica calls Hondo to tell him about Annie. They're not done with the mission, though, so Jessica tells him not to tell Deacon yet so they don't mess up his concentration and the whole mission.

Can the Other Teams Stop the Riot?

The other two pairs also get into the prison to find absolute mayhem. Chris and Deacon find what looks like a prisoner killing a guard. He says he's a guard, though, and that a prisoner stole his uniform. They find out he's telling the truth, and now they've taken down a bunch of prisoners and have someone else on their team. But this guard is super inexperienced. He was packing groceries six months ago and cannot deal with the fact that he just killed a guy. Deacon says that every cop needs a "chair" or something to help them decompress and that once they finish this mission, the guard can go to his "chair."

Street and Victor don't get as much action. They rush into a room to find some inmates watching soap operas. They won't let them finish their stories, though, and bring them to a cell. One inmate tells Street that there's severe overcrowding, which is part of the reason for the riot.

One head of a gang then gets into a standoff with Deacon and Chris. Luckily, Street and Victor arrive and they win and head out to find the other guards. They do get into another fight, but they win and free some hostages in the kitchen. That's when one of the gang leaders, Moco Hernandez, comes out. He refuses to get on the ground, so Street and Victor get into a hand-to-hand fight with him.

After they win, Street reveals to Jessica that they have most of the hostages, but things are pretty troubling in the prison. There's a ton of overcrowding and Street thinks it looks like a sweatshop in there.

Can the Team Take Down Gunnar?

Finally, everyone is accounted for, except for Gunnar, some of his friends, and the nun. Luckily, the inmate has broken the code, but it doesn't make sense. There's a name in the code that's not in the database. They ask Jessica, who asks the prison owner, who says that there's a separate, super locked section of the prison that he didn't tell them about. The inmate with that name is in there. Jessica says there's a lot of things they didn't know about the prison that they need to talk about later.

It turns out the name in the note is the name of an inmate in protective custody. And Gunnar is burning through that inmate's cell door swearing that he's going to kill him. The nun, meanwhile, tries to convince him not to do this and that he could have a second chance.

The whole team meets up to take down Gunnar. They use tear gas and get some of the inmates, but Gunnar uses the nun as a shield, then leaves her and runs away. Hondo follows a trail of blood to Gunnar, but Gunnar's made it to the roof.

Then, outside, Jessica realizes there are seven guards even though there were only six hostages. It's Gunnar! She tries to get him down on the ground, but he grabs his gun, so Jessica shoots him.

With the situation under control, Hondo runs back to the nun. She's going to be fine. So now Hondo has to tell Deacon what happened to Annie.

Will Annie Make It?

Deacon runs from the prison and heads straight to the helicopter to go to the hospital. Hicks says he tried to stall the doctors, but they had to start the surgery and Deacon totally beats himself up for not being there for her, but Hicks says he can't drive himself crazy. He's been through that before and all that matters is that Deacon's there now, especially since his kids just showed up.

Later, Hondo and the rest of the team come to wait with Deacon and Deacon says Hondo and Jessica made the right call by not telling him about Annie right away. Deacon then tells Hondo it's his 10th anniversary. When he started in S.W.A.T., he made a will in case something happened to him, but they never planned on something happening to Annie, which is so sad. Deacon knows what his "chair" is, though: It's Annie.

What's Wrong with the Prison?

Hondo and Jessica also confront the prison owner and say that this riot really stemmed from the conditions he created. There's overcrowding and a sweat shop in there and Hondo knows that the owner's dirty. Hondo says he's going to report him, but the owner says he treats the inmates how they deserve to be treated. Hondo swears he'll put him in prison too.

Will Annie be okay? Will Deacon rethink being on S.W.A.T. because he couldn't be there for Annie? And will Hondo take the prison owner down? Leave your comments below!

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