'The Amazing Race' Finale Predictions: Who Will Win Season 29?
'The Amazing Race' Finale Predictions: Who Will Win Season 29?
Kim Stempel
Kim Stempel
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
This season of The Amazing Race has been a bit of a mixed bag. The twist this season of matching up strangers has yielded some unexpected, and sometimes unpleasant, results. Several of the strongest and most likable teams exited the race early. Other teams have dealt with personality clashes. 

So, who has what it takes to win The Amazing Race season 29? Let's evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the three remaining teams to see who will claim the one million dollar prize.

London and Logan (Team LoLo)

Logan and London are unfailingly supportive of each other. They have a positive attitude, communicate well, and never argue. In fact, Team LoLo is the model of a successful team. On most of the legs, this team finished in the middle or bottom section of the pack. The exception to this is the last leg before the finals, when they grabbed a second-place finish. No matter what happens, this team stays cheerful and upbeat. They may be one of the most likable teams in the competition, but they will need to put their game into overdrive to win The Amazing Race

Joey and Tara (Team Mom and Dad)

Joey and Tara are pretty much a dream team. Tara is an Army officer, and Joey is a police sergeant. They have done well in most of the physical challenges, as well as activities that require a strict attention to detail. This dynamic duo manages to have excellent communication and are very supportive of each other. Team Mom and Dad finished in first place on three legs of the race, and nabbed a second-place finish in another. Overall, this team is one of the strongest in the race. 

Brooke and Scott (Brooke and Scott)

This union is one of the worst and most annoying matches of the season. Brooke is an intense and whiny contestant that hails from New York. Scott is from North Carolina. He specializes in being frustrated by Brooke's high-pitched screaming vocalizations. This team does not communicate well with each other, and are usually engaged in snippy or angry banter. While this is great entertainment, it isn't what you want in a team trying to clinch the one million dollars first prize. They only finished in third place or above on two legs of the race until they finally snatched a first-place win on the previous leg. They have some nice momentum heading into the finale, but the only way that they could possibly capture first place is if they can table their free-flowing irritation with each other. I'm not holding my breath, either. 

Who Will Win

I predict that Tara and Joey (Team Mom and Dad) will win season 29 of The Amazing Race
What do you think? Is your favorite team still racing? Did you like the twist this season?
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