'Bachelor' Star Nick Viall on Vanessa Grimaldi: 'We're Just Not Really Spending a Lot of Time Apart'
'Bachelor' Star Nick Viall on Vanessa Grimaldi: 'We're Just Not Really Spending a Lot of Time Apart'
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Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi didn't have the most positive feedback following their engagement on The Bachelor but it looks like things are looking up for the reality TV couple. 
While most couples from The Bachelor don't end up getting married, this pair may be doing something to increase their chances of beating the odds.

"We're just not really spending a lot of time apart," Viall told E! News. "She's spending a lot of time out here in L.A. and we'll keep doing that." 

Recently, the Bachelor couple went to Montreal to spend time with Grimaldi's family and friends.

"It was ugly weather. He was like, 'Why does everyone in Montreal keep talking about the weather?'" Grimaldi said with a laugh. "It snows in Montreal six months out of the year, so when June comes around, you are really excited to see the sun. But, it was nice to be back home with the family."

"I was there for a day for a day during hometowns, so I didn't really get to see it," said Viall, who first visited Grimaldi's family in Montreal during season 21. "It is a beautiful city. Great people. It was nice to just chill, relax, take in the city and get to spend some more time with her family and friends. It's great! We were there for almost two weeks." 

Both Viall and Grimaldi have no immediate plans to tie the knot. The pair is being realistic about the relationship and are still getting to know each other. They also like to keep things private.

"She's a sleeper. That's it, yep," Viall said teasingly about what he's learned about his fiancee. "We like to keep some things more private." 

Do you think Nick and Vanessa can break the Bachelor curse?

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