The Good (and Bad) News About 'The Flash' Mystery Girl
The Good (and Bad) News About 'The Flash' Mystery Girl
Vanessa Frith
Vanessa Frith
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Baffled by The Flash's Mystery Girl? Don't worry, you're hardly the only one. In fact, you're in good company -- even the cast has their questions. So, in that vein, let's try and make sense of the good news (and the bad) in the wake of those "Therefore She Is" revelations.

As we know, Mystery Girl made her debut during the annual Arrowverse crossover, dropping by the WestAllen wedding to give her dad Barry (Grant Gustin) a few tips. Played by Jessica Parker Kennedy, the character has continued to pop up every few weeks since then, always adding a new twist to her identity. This week she stopped by Cecile's (Danielle Nicolet) baby shower bearing a diaper bag and a due date for the Horton-West baby (21 days from now, i.e. during the season 4 finale.) 

The Good News: Mystery Girl is a speedster. While many are lauding this revelation as astonishing and exciting, we thought that particular piece of her identity was set in stone the moment she arrived. Although this was the first time she used her powers on screen, her status as a time traveler and her facility with the cryptic Speed Force language supported this assumption from day one. Nevertheless, it's good to have confirmation.

The Bad News: Mystery Girl used her super speed to keep Iris (Candice Patton) from setting eyes on her. Although the young speedster is jovial, awkward and endearing around most of the characters, her aversion to Iris, Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) and Harry (Tom Cavanagh) is concerning. Although the cast knows who she is, even they're confused by some of MG's behavior. 

"I will actually say, I know who she is and a little bit about her backstory, and how she's connected to a handful of characters," Gustin recently told Entertainment Weekly. "But I didn't know what that was when I watched [her interact with Caitlin and Harry]. I was like, 'Huh, I wonder what that's about.'"

It's unknown whether Gustin thought the same about the Mystery Girl/Iris interaction (or lack thereof.) 

The Good News: Answers are coming! After "Therefore She Is," we were once again left wondering who Mystery Girl is and why she is here. Popular theories cast her as Dawn Allen (Barry and Iris' daughter) or Jenni Ognats (Barry and Iris' granddaughter), but there is always a chance she could be the progeny of Cecile and Joe (Jesse L. Martin.) DeVoe is planning to hit the world with a dose of dark matter -- around the baby's due date, no less -- which could explain her speedster powers.

The Bad News: While Entertainment Weekly reports that the season 4 finale will spill the beans on Mystery Girl's identity (yay!), we won't really know much about her until season 5 (boo!). That provides us with a long hiatus to concoct even more outlandish theories about Kennedy's character.

What do you think? Is Mystery Girl Barry's child, Joe's daughter or neither? Will she come in clutch as the Thinker plot winds down (perhaps translating Barry's premiere scribbles?), or will she only serve to hinder Team Flash? Why does she not want Iris to see her? Or, has Iris already seen her and we just don't know about it? Sound off in the comments section!

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