'The Originals' Recap: Is Hope Lost Forever?
'The Originals' Recap: Is Hope Lost Forever?
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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On this episode of The Originals, "Voodoo Child," Vincent devises a way to communicate with someone who knows how to defeat the Hollow, Klaus learns Inadu has taken over his daughter's body and Hayley wonders what growing up with the Mikaelsons means for Hope.

Vincent is back, and the Hollow sends two of her acolytes to retrieve the notebook. Vincent puts up a good fight in an effort to keep it, but isn't able to fend of the other witches' attack.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Elijah is back, but he is vexed. Hayley still isn't speaking to him. Rebekah tries to cheer up her brother by insisting he take her out to hear some jazz. She's happy he's back and wants to celebrate the death of the Hollow. Klaus encourages his sister to enjoy the city while she can since Marcel is going to want the family out of the city now that the Hollow is gone. Only she isn't. Now, she's inhabiting little Hope, but nobody realizes it yet.

Rebekah doesn't want to leave New Orleans and goes to see Marcel to see if they can renegotiate the terms of their deal. She talks about mending broken relationships, not only between her brothers and Marcel, but perhaps even reigniting their romance. Marcel responds that the fact he and Klaus and Elijah aren't trying to kill each other is about as good as it's going to get. If the Mikaelsons stay in the city, that won't last long. Rebekah questions if the kiss they shared meant nothing, and Marcel tells her it was just a mistake. Sofya is still asleep, but he hasn't given up trying to wake her. Rebekah tells Marcel that if he honestly feels nothing for her, she'll never ask again, and he states she needs to go.

With the help of a witch and the ingredients comprising the rose thorns, Marcel is able to wake Sofya from her coma. Sofya tells Marcel that she doesn't think the Hollow is gone. Sofya can still feel Inadu out there somewhere.

Freya tells Keelin about her run in with the Hollow. Specifically, how Inadu got into her head and capitalized on Freya's darkest fear -- her girlfriend's death. Freya wants to enjoy the fact that Keelin is alive and well which includes consummating their relationship (Why do I think Keelin won't survive the episode much less the season?).

The Notebook

Vincent tells Klaus and Elijah about his skirmish with the Hollow's followers. Klaus insists she's dead; Hayley killed her and Klaus saw the body. Vincent explains that the Hollow's body is dead, but that's no enough. By now, the Ancestors should have been able to imprison her spirit, and that didn't happen. Her spirit is still out there which means the Hollow had a Plan B. Klaus questions if Vincent may have switched sides and is now cavorting with their enemy.

Vincent isn't interested in whether Klaus trusts him or not. He's been spending days trying to figure out a way to lock the Hollow up for good. Vincent used the notebook which contains all the secrets of the Hollow's magic to put himself into a trance. While in this trance, he communicated with the spirit of Inadu's mother. He tried to get the same spell the woman used to put her daughter down 1,500 years ago, but the acolytes showed up before he could get the secret recipe. In order to defeat the Hollow, he's got to get the notebook, which is an extension of her power and just as eternal, back.

Vincent did a spell, and the book is still with the acolytes. He tracked them to the place where she was reborn. Klaus and Elijah head out to retrieve the book, but Marcel wants to go along. But Vincent stops him, telling Marcel they have something else they need to deal with.

Vincent wants to try and contact Inadu's mother without the book, but he needs to channel Marcel to do it. He doesn't succeed. The living aren't meant to be in that realm. The book is the only thing powerful enough to let Vincent reach her. Vincent decides the only other option is for him to die. He plans to ingest a neurotoxin that will stop his heart. That should give him enough time to get the information he needs. Marcel needs to inject something into Vincent's heart to jump start it again. Marcel needs to do it before the last grain of sand drains from the hourglass or Vincent is gone for good. If that happens, Marcel's only chance of getting rid of the Hollow goes with him.

As Vincent lays unconscious, Marcel hears something outside the crypt. A horde of the Hollow's acolytes have come for Vincent. Marcel warns them that they won't get to the witch unless it's over his dead body, and he can't be killed. One seems to come pretty close, using enough mojo that blood begins to run from Marcel's eyes. Sofya shows up and rips the woman's heart out. He rushes inside and inserts the needle in Vincent's heart, and Vincent returns to the land of the living. Marcel asks Vincent if he got what he needed, and Vincent replies that he did, along with some very bad news to go along with it.

The Bad Seed

Hayley is still sulking over Elijah. Rebekah understands that her brother is complicated, but his feelings for Hayley are very simple -- he adores her. Hayley doesn't doubt Elijah's affections, and she appreciates all of the sacrifices for her and the family. Hayley can't forget the things she saw while she was inside Elijah's head. It wasn't just the memories. She also saw his impulses and natural instincts and worries that's who he really is at his core.

Rebekah realizes that Hayley is scared that Hope might see that side of him as well. Hayley's worried her daughter will see the acceptance. Hayley wonders what she's teaching Hope by allowing her to grow up in a place where they stick their enemies in dungeons and retaliate against threats by killing entire neighborhoods. Basically, Hayley doesn't want her daughter to be like the rest of her family.

Rebekah catches hope destroying the bracelet she wears that prevents her from doing magic. Hope tells her aunt that she can't help her parents without her powers. Rebekah tries to reassure Hope that by telling her that over the course of a thousand years, the Mikaelsons have never been bested -- nothing can defeat them. Hope respond that there is one thing and uses magic to put a chunk of wood in Rebekah's back.

Elijah and Klaus arrive at their destination deep in the woods. Klaus suggests that Elijah might want to hang back since it's the place he died. Elijah tells Klaus if he thought he couldn't handle it, he wouldn't have come. E also instructs his brother that after all of this is over, he wants Klaus to take Hayley and Hope away.

Klaus is certain that whatever it is Hayley saw in Elijah, she'll learn to accept it. Elijah is convinced she won't. He reminds Klaus that they don't have much to show for their lives accept for a whole lot of dead bodies. Hope brought meaning to their lives. Hope is worth every fight and sacrifice. Klaus puts a pin in the conversation, stating that defeating the Hollow will ensure Hope's safety. Everything else can wait.

Klaus and Elijah find the acolytes. One of the witches warns the brothers that even if they get the book back, it won't do them any good. He tells them the Hollow is in the process of locking herself into the body of the greatest which ever known -- Hope.

Not Without My Daughter

Freya comes home eager to have some girl talk, but Hayley is grappling with bigger issues. The Hollow could have easily killed her but didn't. Inadu just took some of her blood and left. Freya says that blood can be used for a number of reasons including locating, healing and linking spells. Hayley hands Freya's Hope's hairbrush and asks her to do a reading to see what kind of vibe she gets. Freya immediately senses the Hollow's magic.

Hayley doesn't understand. Lebonair blood was supposed to kill Inadu. Freya suspects the Hollow may have tapped into Hayley's bloodline deliberately, finding a way to overcome the power and turn it into a strength. Hayley points out that Inadu knows Hayley would never hurt her own daughter.

Hayley confronts the Hollow who has stopped putting on any kind of act that she's actually Hope. She tells Inadu that she'll stop at nothing to get her daughter back. Inadu shows Hayley that the sign of the serpent has begun to form on her arm. Hope is still fighting, but Inadu knows she'll give up soon. Once the sign is complete. Inadu will inhabit Hope's body for good.

Freya arrives and casts a sleeping spell on Inadu. They plan to put Hope's soul into Freya's pendant. As they prepare the spell, a black cloud rises from Hope's body. Inadu is able to shatter the pendant, claiming that Hope belongs to her. Hayley tries to attack Inadu, but she isn't flesh and blood.

Hayley tells Inadu that Hope will fight her. Inadu feels Hope's love for her mother but warns Hayley that it won't be enough. The Hollow then uses some mojo to drive a giant stake into Hayley, pinning her against a door.

Elijah and Klaus arrive at the cemetery with the book and hands it over to Vincent. Sofya's got more bad news for Klaus. While the Hollow had her, all she wanted to do was give up, drift into darkness and be gone forever. But Sofya knew if she did, the Hollow would have taken her over for good. Sofya warns Klaus that he cannot let that happen to Hope. She may be strong, but she's still a child. Klaus has to reach her, or all of this will be for nothing.

Vincent tells Klaus that the book is filled with the Hollow's magic. Hope is connected to that and connected to Klaus through his blood. Using all those things, he should be able to craft a spell to get Klaus to Hope so he can keep her with them. He needs her to fight to prevent him from becoming a huge dick once again.

Vincent does his thing, and Klaus is able to communicate with Hope. She tells him that the Hollow came. She tried to fight her, but everything is dark and cold and she's so tired. Klaus insists that Hope stay awake and stay with him.

Ring of Fire

Vincent, Sofya, Marcel and Elijah arrive at the compound. Everybody spreads out, and Sofya is left alone. The lights begin to flicker, and Inadu appears. She does something mystical and quite nasty, and even if she didn't kill Sofya, the vamp is down for the count and won't be much help in this fight.

Elijah sees Hope body, but as he rushes towards her, he's intercepted by Inadu. More mystical ass kicking commences, and Marcel and Vincent are the only two left standing.

Marcel taunts the Hollow, and she snaps his neck like a twig. She tries to turn her magic on Vincent, but she finds herself trapped. Marcel was able to keep her occupied long enough for Vincent to do some magic of his own. Inadu says Vincent is more than welcome to try and defeat her, but once Hope gives in, she'll be more powerful than he can imagine.

Vincent promises that isn't going to happen. He pulls out the notebook and reveals he's been communicating with the Ancestors, Inadu's mama among them. She gave him the spell to kill the Hollow, and now he's going to put her in her cage forever.

Vincent begins the spell, and the symbol on Inadu's arm begins to fade. It briefly looks like Vincent may pull it off, but Inadu strikes back, sending Vincent flying, breaking the bond between Klaus and Hope and freeing herself. She returns to a puff of black smoke and re-enters Hope's body. Hope awakens and sets the notebook on fire.

Conveniently, everyone else regains consciousness at the same time (Sofya survives the attack.) Hayley wants to know where Hope is, and Vincent breaks the news that he couldn't save her. He has nowhere to put the Hollow now that the book is destroyed. He has no idea how to save Hope. Hayley rushes out, and Elijah follows. He grabs her arm, but she shakes him off. E tries to remind Hayley that he's on her side, but she says she should never have brought Hope back to New Orleans.

At St. Anne's, all of the acolytes have gathered, and the Hollow/Hope prepares to give them their marching orders which will probably be to destroy New Orleans and everyone in it.

Klaus gives everyone the ultimate pep talk. His daughter, his heart and soul, his alone in the dark, fighting, and he needs their help. Vincent thinks there may be a way to save Hope, but it will mean the end of "Always and Forever."

Who will make the ultimate sacrifice to save Hope? Is this the end of the Mikaelsons as we know it? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

The season 4 finale of The Originals airs Friday, June 23 on The CW. Want more news? Visit our Originals page on Facebook.

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