'The Real Housewives of New York City' Poll: Should Bethenny Forgive Ramona?
'The Real Housewives of New York City' Poll: Should Bethenny Forgive Ramona?
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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Fans of The Real Housewives of New York City are used to Ramona Singer attacking and insulting her co-stars. She didn't earn the nickname "Singer Stinger" for nothing. For the OG of NYC, brutal honesty is always the best policy and no subject is off limits: parenting choices, business ventures, marital woes, money issues ... and the list goes on and on and on. 

Ramona may have finally passed the point of no return with long-time frenemy Bethenny Frankel after a major blow-up during a disastrous getaway in the Berkshires (episode 10, "Black Out and Get Out.") Bethenny came out swinging, but it was Ramona who landed the knockout punch. After years of ups and downs, should Bethenny forgive Ramona, or should the two women finally go their separate ways?

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Bitching and Ramona-ing

Prior to season 9, Ramona and Bethenny have had a few notable dust ups. When Bethenny's friendship with Jill Zarin fell apart during season 3, Bethenny turned to Ramona for advice and sympathy, but Ramona opted for a tough-love approach, calling Bethenny a self-serving press monger who had no friends. Ramona also warned a vulnerable Bethenny that her relationship with Jason Hoppy was doomed (chock one up for Ramona for predicting that one.) When Bethenny dissolved into tears, Ramona apologized and acknowledged her approach may have been a bit insensitive.

When Bethenny returned for season 7, she and Ramona got off to a rocky start, fighting over -- of all things -- a brunch invitation. Bethenny told Ramona she had zero interest in hanging out or engaging in any way. But along with Ramona's many flaws, she also has the talent of charming and apologizing her way back into people's good graces. Hey, they don't call her "The Apologizer" for nothing. The women bickered continuously during a girls' getaway to Turks and Caicos but also bonded over their shared heartache regarding their failed marriages.
Their relationship hit another snag when Bethenny learned that Ramona told former cast member Heather Thomson that Bethenny had cheated on her first husband. Bethenny confronted Ramona, who apologized for dishing about Bethenny's personal business behind her back (Bethenny denied the adultery accusation), even admitting that her big mouth continually gets her in trouble.

Ramona's fellow cast members have grown used to dealing with her Pinot Grigio-fueled rants and have accepted that Ramona's brain isn't always in sync with her mouth. She eventually returns with her tail between her legs, eager to apologize and move on. So, it didn't take long for Bethenny and Ramona to mend fences.

The Fight a Season in the Making

Trouble began brewing between the twosome yet again early this season. Ramona felt she really stood by Bethenny during her illness last year (Bethenny suffered debilitating symptoms due to fibroids) and felt that once Bethenny recovered, she lost interest in maintaining the friendship.

Instead of confronting Bethenny directly, Ramona decided to take a dig at Bethenny during a group dinner in the Hamptoms by bringing up Bethenny's role in a B-movie years ago (she appeared topless) and how it might affect Bethenny's daughter. Ramona claimed that she broached the subject out of friendly curiosity, but Bethenny thought it was a low blow and chose to steer clear of Ramona, until the two came face to face at Dorinda Medley's estate in the Berkshires.

Ramona, fueled by liquid courage, finally apologized, but Bethenny was neither willing to forgive nor forget and accused Ramona of not being a good friend, supporting her assertion with a list of Ramona's previous transgressions (stealing, lying, pot stirring, manipulation, insensitivity, etc.) Ramona, hurt by Bethenny's rejection, embarked on a tirade that included accusing Bethenny of screwing her way to the top, insulting the Skinnygirl mogul's business and calling Bethenny an opportunist and a "witchy bitch."

In the aftermath of the vicious fight, Bethenny felt Ramona had revealed jealousy that she'd been harboring for years and decided to flee the scene, telling Ramona they would never speak again.

To Forgive or Not to Forgive? That Is the Question

Ramona's often callous, self-centered, entitled and unappreciative behavior can make it difficult for fans of the show to remember that Ramona has supported Bethenny on many occasions over the years. Ramona tried to play peacemaker between a feuding Bethenny and former bestie and castmate Jill Zarin, orchestrating a run-in between the women at her apartment, hoping they would work out their differences. Ramona was ecstatic about Bethenny's engagement and pregnancy and invited Bethenny on an extravagant getaway in the wake of her father's death.

Bethenny has offended and insulted her fair share of castmates on multiple occasions, including calling Luann D'Agostino a "snake," a "whore" and a "slut," and Luann accepted Bethenny's apologies. All RHONYC cast members both past and present have done and said some pretty reprehensible things to one another. It's a byproduct of reality-TV stardom, and the reason many people tune in every week.

Bethenny has said in the past that she can't stay mad at Ramona, but this time, Ramona's stinger went in too deep. Ramona may blame her attack on Bethenny's character on alcohol but in vino veritas (in wine, truth.) Even if Ramona didn't mean the things she said, it's time for the 60-year-old to learn she can't scorch the earth around her and then offer up a fire hose after the fact. One thing is certain, with so much of season 9 left to play out, we can guarantee Ramona and Bethenny will speak again, we just have no idea what they'll say next.

Is Bethenny overreacting? Is the relationship between Ramona and Bethenny too toxic to continue? Is Bethenny to blame for the argument or Ramona? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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