'The Real Housewives of New York City' Recap: Luann Ties the Knot
'The Real Housewives of New York City' Recap: Luann Ties the Knot
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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It's been the subject of the last two seasons of The Real Housewives of New York City: Luann's engagement to Tom. The ladies have fought over everything from Luann's rush to get engaged to Tom's philandering to his previous relationships with the other 'wives. But the day has finally come for Luann to put all that behind her (whether wisely or unwisely) and take that walk down the aisle in "Countess No More."

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Frenchie Moves In

Something sexy is afoot in Sonja's townhouse! And it's her new boyfriend, Edgar, aka, "Frenchie." He's 39, very cute and very French. I'm not sure why Sonja said previously that he wasn't marriage material. Maybe it just means he doesn't have enough money. Actually, that's probably exactly what it means.

Anyway, Frenchie was supposed to be a set-up for Tinsley, but Sonja got to him first. Even though she's currently also dating Rocco. Tinsley asks Sonja and Frenchie if they're getting serious, and neither of them gives her a clear answer. But they seem to be having fun and enjoying each other's company. The only problem is that Frenchie says he knows about Rocco. At least Sonja has enough shame to get embarrassed. She says it's nothing an adult conversation can't fix though.

It apparently worked, because later in the episode Frenchie is moving his stuff into Sonja's place. Not only that, but he's planning on redecorating her dining room. Damn, Frenchie has a lot of nerve. Sonja doesn't know what to do because she really likes him, but she's not sure if it's meant to be long-term.

There's also still some tension between Sonja and Tinsley over Sonja's assistant, Connor. Connor and Tinsley are planning to party after Sonja leaves town, and of course Sonja doesn't like that. She thinks Tinsley is nothing but a big distraction and they're going to need to talk about it once she gets back from vacation.

Bethenny's throwing a holiday party in her apartment full of product placement and ornaments with all of her guests' faces on them. There's a big Skinnygirl luge that Carole and Tinsley especially have a lot of fun drinking from. Bethenny thinks this is an idea of a party, not the doom and gloom at Dorinda's in the Berkshires.

They get to talking about Ramona and Dorinda says she's still mad about what Ramona did to her house. She confronted Ramona the last time she saw her and told her she was a disgrace, but Ramona still seemed unapologetic. Carole says that Ramona has been more aggressive lately and she's wondering if the novelty of being single has worn off for her.

Of course Ramona wasn't invited to Bethenny's cocktail-sponsored party. She says Ramona's not even invited in her building. Ramona was a bit upset, but the good news is she gets to spend an evening desperately clinging to her youth by hanging out with Avery and her friends. Yay?

The whole scene is so awkward as she tries to act like she's friends with this group of women forty years younger than her. She tells them about her fight with Bethenny and one of Avery's friends says she shouldn't have to walk on eggshells around her friends. Ramona is relieved to finally get the validation she needed. Even if it's coming from a 21 year-old, it's good enough for her.

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Luann's Wedding

It's Palm Beach on New Year's Eve, which means The Countess is becoming Luann D'Agostino. Good for her. She gushes on and on about how she's a hopeless romantic and she feels loved by Tom and now she's "whole" and blah, blah, blah.

Look, people marry for things other than love all the time. They marry for money, for security, or possibly just to soothe an aching loneliness. Maybe a combination of the three or a varying number of other complex, human motivations. But the fact that Luann keeps insisting that she's so much in love and Tom's "so perfect" when we know that at least the latter isn't true, makes her, and her big fairy tale wedding, seem so phony. 

She did look beautiful. So there's that.

Back in NYC, two weeks later, Carole and Bethenny spend an afternoon in Chinatown eating dim sum and ice cream. Bethenny pokes fun at Carole for having no sense of adventure or trying anything outside her comfort zone. They laugh about how Luann's having a wedding celebration for the people who weren't actually invited to the real wedding. Who does that?

Dorinda's done celebrating Tom and Luann too. She tells Ramona how she was the worst bridesmaid ever (she forgot to book her flight, arrived late for her hair and makeup, then forgot her bridesmaid dress back at her hotel when she finally got there) and though it was a beautiful wedding, enough is enough. Ramona looks at her pictures and wishes she were there. But she doesn't want to go to a "discard party" either with all the people not important enough to get invites to the wedding.

Bethenny arrives 15 minutes late to the discard party, and she's the only one there. Eventually, people filter in and the bride and groom arrive. Ramona asks Tom how that ring feels on his finger and he sputters an awkward, "you know, old habits die hard." What a charmer, that one.

Sonja brings Frenchie to the party, which is a new experience for her since she's used to "keeping him at home." She's weird about it and embarrassing. He is a person. Who is standing right next to her. Who can hear everything she's saying.

When Tom sees Sonja and her cute (young) Frenchie, his response is to wax poetic about Luann and how lucky he is to have her as a wife and then make-out with her. Okay, if that doesn't ring of his insecurity, I don't know what does. We get it. You and Sonja banged. And now you're married to Luann. GREAT.

Dorinda ends the night with a more coherent toast then the one at last year's engagement party, but it's rambling and nonsensical nonetheless. Anyway, a toast to the "happy" couple and the friends who weren't invited to the wedding. Mazel.

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