[Video] 'RHONY' Preview: Carole Clashes with Betheny, Luann Owns Up to Her Mistakes
[Video] 'RHONY' Preview: Carole Clashes with Betheny, Luann Owns Up to Her Mistakes
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The cracks in Bethenny and Carole's friendship is starting show this week on The Real Housewives of New York City. Following Carole's marathon, in which Tinsley was the only housewife who came out to show her support, the ladies reunite for dinner where things quickly go south.

In the preview for Wednesday's episode, the housewives congratulate Carole on her big feat. However, tension fills the air when Sonja calls out Carole for how she responded with her gushing email-- something that is all too familiar with Bethenny. 

"It's hard to get in touch with Carole. She doesn't answer her phone a lot and has this weird recording that says like the phone doesn't work. Carole's just not an easy person to get in touch with," Bethenny says in her confessional.

When Bethenny chimes in that Carole didn't respond to her calls either, she and Carole bicker about what really happened the day of the marathon. 

Meanwhile, one person appears to be getting a kick out of the "new" Carole.

"She's really telling Bethenny what she's thinking and feeling," Ramona says of Carole. "It's a whole new Carole. I'm kinda loving this because usually I'm the only one that will contradict Bethenny and I'm always in the hot water for it."

In addition to Carole's friction with Bethenny, this week's episode also  features Luann admitting her mistake of not listening to her friends when they warned her about her ex-husband Tom D'Agostino Jr.

"Between you and I, I just want to say that I should have kind of heeded your warning, I just couldn't see. I was in love and love is blind and that's what happened," Luann tells Bethenny in another preview of this week's RHONY released by Us Weekly. "I just wanna say that I wish I had taken my blinders a little bit off ... You were f--king right."

"I stood by my man because I loved him until I couldn't stand by him anymore ... then he watched me fall on my f--king face," says Luann, who divorced Tom after seven months of marriage. "Its really sad ... it's like a Greek tragedy in a way."

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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