'The Vampire Diaries' Star Candice King to Appear in 'Originals' Season 5 Premiere -- Plus Who Is Promoted to Series Regular?
'The Vampire Diaries' Star Candice King to Appear in 'Originals' Season 5 Premiere -- Plus Who Is Promoted to Series Regular?
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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It's not a surprising announcement but it is a welcome one all the same. TVLine reports that Candice King will, in fact, appear in The Originals season 5 as her Vampire Diaries character, Caroline Forbes. While no other details have been given about Caroline's return to the Vampire Diaries universe, fans can expect to see her in the season 5 premiere, which will air sometime in 2018.

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It's unclear for now if Candice's stay on The Originals will last more than a single episode. (Though it might be safe to bet on more details being released at San Diego Comic Con later this week.) It is not even known where Caroline will appear, if it will be in Mystic Falls or if she might finally travel down to New Orleans. 

The chances are good, however, that the appearance will see Caroline in Mystic Falls at the Salvatore Boarding House since that is where Klaus' daughter, Hope, is enrolled, or was enrolled at the end of season 4. As was previously reported, The Originals will see a time jump for season 5 that will age Hope up to a teenager. If Hope is still at the school it is likely that Caroline will be dealing with her older student in the season 5 premiere. 

Of course, Caroline has a pretty complicated history with the Mikaelson family, especially Klaus. Caroline did have a tumultuous "romance" in season 3 and 4 of Vampire Diaries with Klaus that was never properly resolved to fans' liking. Though the two did reunite over the phone in Vampire Diaries season 7 there is a lot left hanging between them and it is likely that her Originals appearance will address that history in some form since they are now both romantically unattached. 

There is more casting news from The Originals for season 5. In addition to Candice King joining The Originals, even if it is only in a guest star role, another actor has received a promotion. TVLine reports that after being involved with the show since the second episode, Steven Krueger has finally been promoted to a series regular for season 5. 

Krueger plays Josh, the vampire that aligned himself with Marcel against Klaus and the rest of his family in season 4. In the season 4 finale, however, Josh was last seen trying to convince Marcel to work with his sworn enemy to fight the new threat of The Hollow. This news makes it seem like Josh's efforts will be successful or at the very least Josh will find himself working with Klaus. This should be interesting to see unfold as Klaus' aunt did kill Josh's boyfriend Aiden. 

So which of these casting announcements is more interesting to you? How long do you think Caroline's stay on The Originals will last? How long should it last? Are you happy that season 5 will see more Josh?

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