How Alicia Keys Built the Best 'Voice' Team in Season 14
How Alicia Keys Built the Best 'Voice' Team in Season 14
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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When Alicia Keys was last on The Voice, her team went all the way, courtesy of Chris Blue, and won the competition. Now Alicia is back for season 14 and things are finally starting to kick into high gear with the advent of the Live Shows. The current coaching panel might be the best in terms of entertainment and mentoring but Alicia's return is turning into a winning repeat performance for the R&B superstar. Alicia has built the best overall team and the winner of season 14 will most likely hail from her selection of artists.

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Well-Rounded (Vocal) Killers

Going into the Playoffs, Alicia has Johnny Bliss, Britton Buchanan, Terrence Cunningham, Christiana Danielle, Jackie Foster and Kelsea Johnson. This is a murderer's row of vocal talent. Obviously, just like the rest of the teams, those six are going to be cut in half, with three artists going home in the Playoffs. Yet even after that bloodbath, Team Alicia is looking incredibly strong. 

The main thing that separates Team Alicia from The Voice competition is variety. Adam Levine and Kelly Clarkson have both filled their teams with artists that fit into similar genres as their own. Team Adam is full of pop rockers. Kelly has a lot powerful pop voices, with just a twang of country added in for good measure. 

Team Blake is the only one who approaches Team Alicia's level of variety, having everyone from a crooner like Austin Giorgio to country cowboy Pryor Baird. Yet still more than a few of Blake's artists are going to come up against each other. Kyla Jade, Spensha Baker and Gary Edwards are all on Blake's team and they are going to cancel each other out, if not in the Playoffs then later on. 

Alicia, meanwhile, has cherry-picked artists from a variety of genres and styles. Jackie Foster covers the "edgy" rock side, Britton is her indie pop wunderkind, Kelsea is a burgeoning diva and Terrence Cunningham could be a soulful star. Alicia has her bases covered from a strategic base, but even more important, the talent is there. Team Alicia doesn't just contain artists of nearly every genre that does well on The Voice, she has artists who have the potential to become successful outside of the show. 

The Stars of Team Alicia

Any of Team Alicia's six artists has the potential to win season 14. Meanwhile, the rest of the coaches have maybe one or two real heavy hitters. Of course, Alicia is going to have to say goodbye to half her team and only three of her artists will remain. Luckily, Team Alicia's three best artists are three of the best in the competition. 

Kelsea Johnson is riding into the Playoffs on a high. Kelsea's Knockout with Sharane Calister got the big "pimp spot" to close out the recorded Voice episodes. Even though Sharane did well enough to get stolen by Adam Levine, Kelsea was the clear winner of the showdown. Kelsea has such a level of polish and control as an artist. Kelsea knows exactly what artist she wants to be and from the start Alicia has been right there to help Kelsea get there. 

Alicia really is the secret weapon of her team because she has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of what her artists want to achieve and helps support them. Kelsea would already be great without Alicia, but with the star as her coach Kelsea is extraordinary. 

Then there's Jackie Foster. Jackie has bounced around on The Voice. Jackie's been on every team but Blake Shelton's and that might suggest she is on her way out. No coach seems to want her but it's more accurate to say that they can't keep her. 

Jackie has been bounced to so many teams not because of lack of talent but because she's been recognized as such a bright vocal beacon. Adam and Kelly both foolishly let Jackie slip through their fingers and Alicia finally has a hold of her going into the Live Shows. She's not letting go. Jackie and Alicia's working relationship is just starting but Jackie's going to dominate in the Live Shows based on everything that has preceded it. 

Lastly and not least, there's Britton Buchanan. Britton came out of the gate running on The Voice and he hasn't slowed down at all. Britton is the perfect contestant for The Voice. Off-stage he's shy and dorky but once he steps onto stage, Britton is a superstar. Britton has such a confident on-stage persona and thanks to Alicia's mentorship, he's only going to grow. 

If there's one frontrunner of the season, so far, it's Britton. He has so many qualities of previous Voice winners. He has the confidence of Chole Kohanski, the likable nerdiness of Jordan Smith and Sawyer Fredericks and there's even a bit of growl and power in his voice akin to Alisan Porter. 

Of course, Britton (and the two ladies) could flame out when they get to the live shows. They wouldn't be the first Voice artists to have a promising start and completely crumble in front of a live audience. Yet Team Alicia is still the one to watch.

Do you agree? Who is your favorite team in season 14? Which coach do you think has the future Voice winner on their hands? Who are you rooting for to win? 

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