Kelly Clarkson Made a Huge Mistake Picking Jorge Eduardo over Amber Sauer on 'The Voice'
Kelly Clarkson Made a Huge Mistake Picking Jorge Eduardo over Amber Sauer on 'The Voice'
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Kelly Clarkson is the newest coach on The Voice but she's fit in perfectly with the panel. However, in the second Battle Round, Kelly might've made her first and biggest rookie mistake. Kelly pitted Amber Sauer against Jorge Eduardo, despite the fact that they were two of her favorite artists. Kelly was forced to choose between them and she chose wrong. Amber Sauer went home and she should've continued in the competition over Jorge Eduardo.

Jorge Eduardo did deliver a surprisingly great performance in the Battle Rounds. Of the two foreign language singers who debuted in The Voice Blind Auditions, Jorge was less impressive compared to Johnny Bliss. Yet Jorge really stepped up the plate in the Battle Rounds and matched Amber's voice perfectly. In fact, Jorge and Amber sounded so great together, it's also a shame that The Voice didn't allow them to become a duo. 

Yet of the two, Amber seems to be the one with the most potential. The song that Kelly chose for Amber and Jorge was more suited to Jorge's more melodic and softer voice. It didn't fit Amber's powerhouse vocals that well and she tried to fit herself in a box that didn't entirely work. Amber was forced out of her comfort zone but Jorge was hitting right where he feels at home and that's a problem for the future. Jorge is going to flame out early. 

Ideally, the Battles should challenge the artist and spur them onto new heights. Jorge, though, really didn't grow that much in the Battles. Jorge did make to third place on The Voice Mexico but it's doubtful that he's going to find that same level of success on this version of The Voice. Jorge is going to get lost in the mix of the other harmlessly attractive, pleasant-sounding male singers not only on Kelly's team but on the other teams.

Amber, though, was something special. She fits a usual mold for The Voice artists but still managed to stick out from the crowd. Amber is a powerhouse singer but she never verged into screechy territory. She had complete control of her instrument and so much potential that's now wasted. 

Kelly seemed to sense that she was making a mistake, too. Before she picked Jorge, she prefaced it with saying that she wanted to see what happened afterwards, which implies Kelly was expecting someone to steal Amber and it's a real shame that no one did. It might even be a bigger tragedy than Kelly not choosing Amber. Adam had a reasonable excuse that he has other singers like Amber on his team but Alicia and Blake had no such excuse. However, the simple fact that Kelly felt Amber should've been stolen is a sign that Amber shouldn't have gone home. 

All hope is not completely lost for Amber. The Voice doesn't always employ Wildcard picks that allow eliminated artists to return for the Live Shows. Yet if season 14 has this semi-frequent twist in play, Kelly needs to bring Amber back. Especially since it's unlikely Eduardo will even be around by that point. 

But what do you think? Should Amber have gone home? Did Eduardo win the battle? Who was the better artist between them? Who would you have picked to stay? 

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