'The Voice' Results: The Top 10 are Announced
'The Voice' Results: The Top 10 are Announced
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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After a night of viewers' choices, the remaining 11 contestants of The Voice season 14 find their fate in the hands of America once again. The vote results will reveal the Top 10 in between various performances, two of them coming from Team Adam and Team Alicia, and the bottom two hopefuls will sing to hold on to their spot in the competition.

Carson Daly gets straight to business as the coaches take their seats. He welcomes the Top 11 to the stage, still reeling off of Fan Night. The first two names called to safety are Pryor Baird of Team Blake and Britton Buchanan of Team Alicia.

Janelle Monae Performs "Make Me Feel"

The mega talented singer, songwriter, actress and producer takes to the Voice stage to perform her brand new single. This sound is a bit more "pop-y" than previously heard from Janelle, but no one can deny this feel-good sound. 

Here comes that moment in the show when the producers need to fill time, so they have a package prepared of the artists interacting randomly. It is nice and uplifting to see positivity on television, but we are all here for some results and good music, right? 

Carson brings the remaining nine artists to the stage for more results. Team Adam's Rayshun LaMarr is safe, a big boost from the Instant Save last time, and Team Kelly's Brynn Cartelli joins him.

Team Adam Performs "The Scientist"

Such a beautiful song. I find it fitting for Adam and Brynn's voices, but my verdict is still out on Rayshun and Sharane Calister. Could it be that their voices are too colorful for more simply meant music? The instrumental bit definitely gives each contestant a moment to showcase their ad-libbing abilities. Entertaining but a bit overdone in a few areas.

The other artists join their counterparts on the stage for another reading of the results. America has saved Spensha Baker from Team Blake and Jackie Verna from Team Adam.

Adam celebrates yet another Snapchat version of The Voice win with his artist Nik Roach.

Team Alicia Performs "Gimme Shelter"

Alicia Keys tickling the ivories, Britton shredding that guitar, and Jackie Foster and Christiana Danielle killing their vocals make for one electrifying performance. This blows Team Adam out of the water. If Christiana or Jackie find themselves in the bottom, I would strongly suggest that America keep this performance in mind when voting.

More results! The other artists return to the stage for the final three names to be announced as safe. Jackie Foster of Team Alicia is called to safety. Kyla Jade from Team Blake is also safe. The last name to join the Top 10 is Kaleb Lee of Team Kelly. 

This leaves Christiana Danielle and Sharane Calister to duke it out for the Instant Save.

Sharane Calister Performs "If I Were a Boy"

The power in her voice is undeniable, but some notes are a bit left of the mark. Perhaps it's the fact that she won't stand still. It's a good and strong performance, but will it topple what will come? Adam pleads to America to give his artist "one more big moment."

Christiana Danielle Performs "A Thousand Years"

A rich tone starts the performance off just right. Where Sharane's movements back and forth across the stage caused for her notes to miss marks, Christiana stands in place and focuses on delivering a worthy performance. Alicia reminds America that they have the opportunity to save an original piece of art.

The time has come. Who will stay and round out the Top 10 and who will be sent home?

Christiana Danielle survives to sing another day in the Top 10! Unfortunately, this means Sharane Calister is sent home.

What did you think of the Instant Save performances? Are you happy with the Top 10 artists? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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