'The Voice' Recap: Which Coach is Devastated to Get Blocked?
'The Voice' Recap: Which Coach is Devastated to Get Blocked?
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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The Voice season 14 is marching forward with a new spring in its step, thanks to new coach Kelly Clarkson and the brand-new Block twist. While the third round of Blind Auditions starts off being light on Kelly and the Block power, both manage to come back (in a big way) by the episode's end. A couple real contenders make their Voice debut, but the highlight of season 14 continues to be the interplay between these four coaches.

Christiana Danielle ("Hotline Bling")

Christiana nearly lost her voice due to a serious throat infection. That's scary and touching and all, but it's sort of overshadowed by the fact that her mother is a Christian rapper. This is a previously unknown career that fascinates me. It's a crying shame that there's not a whole reality show devoted to that weirdness. 

Thankfully, Christiana does get the spotlight back on herself by performing an oddly mesmerizing version of "Hotline Bling" for her audition. It doesn't take much to be better than Drake, but Christiana's routine is extraordinary. While Kelly, Adam and Alicia turn around, the other two pretty much give it up to Alicia. Adam does probably give the best pitch, but everyone knows the outcome; Christiana doesn't want them.

Result: Christiana joins Team Alicia

Brett Hunter ("She's a Bad Mama Jama")

To pursue music, Brett quit his job and moved in with his brother. Now the two bros sleep in the same bed ... which is somewhere between amusing and deeply disturbing. It's definitely way too much information, though, in a way, it does tell us everything that's necessary to know about Brett because he's quirky and weird. He's not so talented, but he's memorable.

Brett's not going to survive past the live shows, and if he does, it'll be jaw-dropping. So it's no surprise that he only gets one coach to turn around and that it's Blake.

Result: Brett is forced onto Team Blake

Jamai ("U Got It Bad")

For his job, Jamai delivers singing telegrams, which are 1,000 times worse than actual telegrams, so they're living nightmares. Carson Daly, however, is fascinated and seems to think Jamai came up with this idea on his own. (No one tell Carson the truth.) 

The Voice spends way too much time introducing Jamai, so it's obvious that he is going to be picked up by someone, but he very nearly misses the cut. Jamai has a great voice, but his audition is terrible, as his song is a deep cut from Usher. Once she turns around, Kelly tells Jamai (in a kind way) that he picked the wrong song, but Jamai is absolutely enamored with Kelly's sole competition, Alicia. So it doesn't matter what Kelly said since his mind is made up.

Result: Jamai joins Team Alicia

Mitch Cardoza ("No Woman, No Cry")

I've just met Mitch, but I'm 99.9% sure he spends most of his time high as a kite and probably smoked five bags of weed before getting on stage. This might explain why he too picks a horrible song for his voice. Mitch has a nice voice, but he's not a Marley, so he has no business singing such a reggae classic.

Result: Mitch goes home

Mia Boostrom ("Pillowtalk")

Mia, who's only 24, gave up pursuing music for a while because she was "extremely overweight." This is hard to hear, but it's weirdly (and unintentionally) hilarious because Mia's mom talks about it and explains that it was hard for her to watch Mia give up because, in her mother's words, "Mia has a beautiful ... voice." That dramatic pause will do wonders to boost Mia's self-esteem, Mom.

However, Mia's mother is right; Mia does have a great voice. Although she only gets one chair turn (Adam), she's set to be the sleeper hit of the season. The other coaches are going to regret letting her go so easily.

Result: Mia is forced onto Team Adam

Jackie Foster ("What About Us")

Bizarrely, The Voice introduces us to Jackie first through her mom, Carol, who is in the most sensible business suit. It takes a good minute for Jackie to appear on-screen. Once Jackie does appear during her audition, it's clear that she's perfect for The Voice. Jackie is fun, charming and, most important, has that pop-rock voice that tends to be so successful for female singers on the show. 

However, Jackie nearly doesn't get on The Voice because Kelly waits a long time to turn for her and Alicia waits even longer. Yet Kelly, who's been sitting back most of the night, comes out to play for Jackie. The hyperactive, lovable Kelly from the very start of the season has returned, and she's desperate to have Jackie on her team. Unsurprisingly, Jackie, like most of America, is charmed by Kelly.

Result: Jackie joins Team Kelly 

Kayla Woodson ("Turn on the Radio")

Kayla's a decent enough singer, but she's very forgettable. Her voice needs a lot of refinement. She's not ready for The Voice yet. In time, though, Kayla could be one of those success stories who return in another season, especially since Carson "The Dope" Daly is absolutely devastated that no one turns around for Kayla.

Result: Kayla goes home

Reid Umstattd ("Take Me to the Pilot")

Reid is more than a singer whose last name should be impossible to pronounce. He has one of the most soothing voices of this season yet. Even though season 14 is in its infancy, it's hard to imagine anyone's voice being more relaxing to listen to than Reid's. It's a bit of a shock that only half of the panel realize that fact. However, Adam is all-in on Reid from the start and quickly sways him. Luckily, that's the team where Reid belongs.

Result: Reid joins Team Adam

Jorge Eduardo ("Despacito")

Jorge competed on The Voice Mexico and came in fourth, and apparently that doesn't disqualify him from trying to be on the American Voice. In any case, Jorge is this season's contestant who performs his audition song in a foreign language.

This has never been a good sign, as those singers fizzle out early. Kelly, though, doesn't get that memo because she goes bananas for Jorge. As soon as it becomes obvious that Jorge is singing in Spanish, Kelly wants him on her team (and may very well want him physically). Kelly's husband might not be okay with that, but it's hilarious to watch.

Result: Jorge is forced onto Team Kelly

Austin Giorgio ("How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)")

Austin's body is 75% legs, and he might be the only human who might be more hyper than Kelly Clarkson. Unlike Kelly, though, Austin is exhausting and vaguely aggravating. He's just a bit too much, even if he has a nice if not very original voice. Kelly and Blake turn around, and because Blake drops the "I know Michael Buble" card, Austin is swayed. The appeal is understandable, but Austin should be trying to separate himself from the only other major crooner in the industry.

Result: Austin joins Team Blake

Johnny Bliss ("Preciosa")

The Voice is adding more new things to this season than just the Blocks. There's now two foreign language singers! Johnny arrives to steal all of Jorge's thunder. 

In retrospect, it seems Jorge's entire audition was to specifically set up Johnny's audition. At the very least, it was introducing Kelly's love of Spanish singers. This is because Adam, of course, uses his Block on Kelly to prevent her from getting another Spanish singer, Johnny. Let's face it, Kelly has a fetish for Spanish singers, and precisely no one should blame her. Randy Kelly is becoming the best Kelly. 

As for Johnny, he's much better than Jorge, but he's still not fantastic. It's very surprising, therefore, that all four coaches turn around for him. Adam, having blocked Kelly, has a great case for Johnny. Out of nowhere, though, Alicia throws a fourth down Hail Mary by singing to Johnny in Spanish. Although Kelly is probably more turned on than Johnny (seriously, her husband should learn Spanish if he doesn't already know it), it's a impressive display. For the third time, a coach uses a Block and doesn't get the artist. 

Result: Johnny joins Team Alicia 

What did you think of the third night of the Blind Auditions? Were you taken aback by Kelly's passion of Spanish singers? Will Jorge or Johnny break the "curse" of foreign language singers? Will a coach ever use a Block successfully? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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